D/Generation HD

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Master Courier (Platinum): Achieved all trophies.
    Baby steps (Bronze): Walk 1000 steps.
    Troubling Toddler (Silver): Walk 5000 steps.
    I will walk 500 miles (Gold): Walk 100,000 steps.
    Exterminator (Bronze): Kill a survivor.
    Loose Cannon (Silver): Kill 10 survivors.
    Last Man Standing (Gold): Kill all survivors.
    Sort of Finished (Bronze): Finished the game.
    Hero (Gold): Finished the game after saving everyone and clearing all rooms.
    Speed Runner (Bronze): Finished the game in under par time.
    Sign Here Please (Bronze): Deliverd the package to Derrida!
    Close Call (Bronze): Escaped just as the tower is being destroyed!
    Bombs Away! (Bronze): The tower came down on top of you!
    2nd Place (Bronze): The DGen stole your jetpack!
    Biological Warfare (Bronze): The DGen killed you and then escaped!
    Joining Genoq. (Bronze): Swallowed by an A-Gen.
    Pancake! (Bronze): Crushed by a B-Gen.
    Toxic Waste (Bronze): Touched by a C-Gen.
    Not So Lucky (Bronze): Murdered by the D-Gen.
    Explosion Magnet (Bronze): Shot by a worm!
    Ooo Tingly (Bronze): Electrocuted 10 times.
    Are you enjoying this? (Silver): Electrocuted 100 times.
    Ex-Courier (Bronze): Killed once on your delivery.
    Are you even trying anymore (Silver): Killed 100 times on your delivery.
    Pest Problem (Bronze): Killed an A-Gen.
    Out of the frying pan (Bronze): Killed a B-Gen.
    What was that?! (Bronze): Killed a C-Gen.
    Piece of Cake! (Bronze): Killed the D-Gen!
    Fire in the hole! (Bronze): Throw 10 grenades.
    Well that was smart (Bronze): Killed by your own bomb.
    Ex-Pacifist (Bronze): Used your gun for the first time!
    Ice Cold (Bronze): Used your freeze ray for the first time!
    You Shall Not Pass! (Bronze): Activated your shield for the first time!
    Making Friends (Bronze): Saved one person. Its something I guess?
    Carer (Silver): Saved an Entire floor!
    No Man Left Behind (Gold): Saved EVERYBODY!
    Demolition Man (Bronze): Destroyed everything on a single floor.
    Breaking Toys (Silver): Destroyed everything within the tower.
    Lazy-mans Lockpick (Bronze): Picked up one security key!
    Kleptomaniac (Silver): Collected all the items!
    To boldly go where no man has gone before (Bronze): Entered Virutal Reality!
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