Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

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New Game+ mode

Successfully complete the game and save your game clear data to access the New Game+ option at the main menu. This mode allows you to bring your progress over from the previous playthrough, which includes the following:

  • All Digimon
  • All items, equipment, farm goods, medals, and eggs
  • All money
  • Your party memory limit
  • Digi-Farm's farm islands' ranks
  • Number of farm islands
  • Digi-Bank's scan percentages
  • Medal Man's medal collection
  • Cyber Sleuth rank
  • Ability to Digivolve into the Royal Knights


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Perfect Sleuth (Platinum): Acquired all trophies.
    Veteran Investigator (Bronze): Solved 50 cases.
    Digimon Fan (Bronze): 50 Digimon registered in the Digimon Field Guide.
    Medal Fan (Bronze): Collected 50 types of Digimon medals.
    Battle Expert (Bronze): Fought in over 500 battles.
    Seasoned Gamer (Bronze): Won the Platinum Cup in the Offline Colosseum.
    Good Friend (Bronze): Maximized CAM of a single Digimon.
    Top Talent (Bronze): Maximized ABI of a single Digimon.
    Big-Shot Breeder (Bronze): Digivolved 30 Digimon to Ultimate.
    Millionaire (Bronze): Acquired over one million yen.
    Battle Master (Silver): Achieved 30 victories in Colosseum battles.

Additionally, there are 45 secret trophies:

    Reached Chapter 1 (Bronze): It's me, Mr. Navit! You enjoying Digimon Capture? Can't wait to see what you guys get up to!
    Reached Chapter 2 (Bronze): Never thought I'd get an assistant like this. And that half-cyber body...heh. It seems things are about to get interesting.
    Reached Chapter 3 (Bronze): EDEN Syndrome, and that gloomy woman... Your fate as a cyber sleuth has only just begun!
    Reached Chapter 4 (Bronze): Why did Agumon and the other Digimon come to EDEN? Better think on it all night long! Not that there's night in EDEN...
    Reached Chapter 5 (Bronze): Eaters, a "white ghost boy," and now a cyber sleuth? Cool! About time I got in on this party!
    Reached Chapter 6 (Bronze): Kamishiro's pulling the strings behind the hacker revolt? If that's true, I gotta do something as leader of the Zaxons!
    Reached Chapter 7 (Bronze): All things change, and more phenomena are explained every day! Youthful curiosity plays a key role in this, don't you think? Tee-hee...
    Reached Chapter 8 (Bronze): That ugly thing looked like it hasn't given up. Bring it anytime, I'll clean your clock.
    Reached Chapter 9 (Bronze): That conceited Arata's proposing infiltration, but these are two separate things! Time for the Rebels!
    Reached Chapter 10 (Bronze): The first victim of EDEN Syndrome...just who is it? Also...that coffee isn't fit for human consumption...
    Reached Chapter 11 (Bronze): My name is Omnimon. I must convey to you the crisis approaching your world and mine!
    Reached Chapter 12 (Bronze): What the!? Just as I think I've saved Yuuko, how come you're the one who's disappeared now!?
    Reached Chapter 13 (Bronze): That Arata... What's he thinking of doing on his own!? Hurry back, Little Kyoko... They're gonna need your help!
    Reached Chapter 14 (Bronze): You found my lil' partner! Not bad! I'll call you again if something comes up! ...Refuse, and I'll arrest you.
    Reached Chapter 15 (Bronze): I know you must be worried about Arata Sanada's whereabouts, but there's something you gotta do now. ...Time for a counterattack.
    Reached Chapter 16 (Bronze): Me 'n' Veevee are happy to have more allies! ...But wait, what happened to the kid!? That right arm doesn't look good, ya know!? 
    Reached Chapter 17 (Bronze): People can't help but laugh at the unsightliness that accompanies change, yes? It's a much better look than succumbing to sadness, though.
    Reached Chapter 18 (Bronze): Before I knew it I was back in Akihabara...but why just me? Does this mean... Did I get revenge for my father?
    Reached Chapter 19 (Bronze): The five of us are childhood friends? Kyoko is a Digimon!? Wasabi, hatcho miso and cream cheese!? Argh, my head!!!
    Reached Chapter 20 (Bronze): Fools. Every last one of you is a total fool. ...Even so, you're my friends. Let's go, our fifth friend is waiting for us.
    Reached the Ending (Silver): See you tomorrow!
    Best Cyber Sleuth (Gold): Attained maximum sleuth rank.
    Digimon Researcher (Bronze): 100 Digimon registered in the Digimon Field Guide.
    Digimon Professor (Silver): 200 Digimon registered in the Digimon Field Guide.
    Medal Maniac (Bronze): Collected 100 types of Digimon medals.
    Third-Rate Medal Collector (Bronze): Collected 200 types of Digimon medals.
    Second-Rate Medal Collector (Bronze): Collected 300 types of Digimon medals.
    First-Rate Medal Collector (Bronze): Collected 400 types of Digimon medals.
    Legendary Medal Collector (Silver): Collected all Digimon medals.
    999 Damage! (Bronze): Inflicted more than 999 points of damage in one attack.
    Big Combo (Bronze): Unleash a combo with three or more moves.
    Battle Iron Man (Bronze): Fought in over 1,000 battles.
    Pro Gamer (Bronze): Won the Legendary Cup in the Offline Colosseum.
    Master Gamer (Silver): Won the Master Cup in the Offline Colosseum.
    Best Friend (Bronze): Maximized CAM of 30 Digimon.
    Digimon Idol (Bronze): Maximized ABI of 10 Digimon.
    Level 99! (Bronze): Raised a single Digimon to the maximum level (level 99).
    Top-Notch Breeder (Silver): Digivolved 30 Digimon to Mega.
    Land Baron (Bronze): Get five islands on your DigiFarm.
    One-Star Rating (Bronze): Raised the rank of a Farm Island to maximum.
    Five-Star Rating (Bronze): Raised the rank of all Farm Islands to maximum.
    Full House (Bronze): Filled one Farm Island with Digimon.
    Standing Room Only (Silver): Filled all Farm Islands with Digimon.
    Digi-Wrangler (Bronze): Feed Digimon 100 times.
    Dependable Replier (Bronze): Replied to 30 DigiLine messages.
    Quiz Master (Bronze): Answered 20 DigiLine quiz questions correctly.
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