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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Virtuoso (Platinum): Collect all of the other trophies.
    Gotta Go Fast (Gold): Reach 210mph or 338 km/h.
    How Fast Do You Wanna Go! (Gold): Complete a point to point Event with an Average Speed of 125mph or 202 km/h.
    It's All In The Wrists (Gold): Drift across 10 Race finish lines whilst in First position.
    Outer Limits (Gold): Reach Driver Level 60.
    Star Destroyer (Gold): Gain all Gold Stars in Tour.
    Venomous (Gold): In Time Trial complete Tamil Nadu 01 in 01:16.000 or less with the Hennessey Venom GT.
    When This Baby Hits... (Gold): Complete the ‘Great Scott’ Event’s objective Face-Off in Tour.
    Ghost In The Drift (Silver): Score over 2501 fame for a single Drift Overdrive.
    Gnome Me Gnome You (Silver): Stop and look at a Gnome in Japan.
    Howl At The Moon (Silver): Win a Race at midnight in the W Motors Lykan HyperSport.
    If I Only Had A Brain (Silver): Stop and look at a Scarecrow in Japan.
    Jumpman (Silver): Collide with 10 roadside Barrier Barrels.
    Superhighway Maintenance (Silver): Collide with 100 Road Signs.
    Virtually A Pro (Silver): Win the 'Hyper Tournament India' Event in Tour on Gold Star difficulty.
    Beat It (Bronze): Beat your first Face-Off.
    Bring Me Solo And The Rookie (Bronze): Win the 'Red Hills Cup' Event in Tour on Gold Star difficulty.
    DRIVECLUB™ Express (Bronze): Stop and look at a Steam Train in Scotland.
    Flashback (Bronze): Save a Replay at the end of an Event.
    Getting The Keys (Bronze): Unlock your first car.
    Here Comes A New Challenger… (Bronze): Win 2 of your own Solo Challenges after sending them to at least one other player.
    Phone Home (Bronze): Stop and look at a Telephone Box in Scotland.
    Set A Drift (Bronze): Using Single Event, setup and complete a Drift Event.
    Shooting Stars (Bronze): Complete a Tour Event with the maximum number of available Stars.
    Soul Captured (Bronze): Navigate through 20 viewing points in Inspection Mode.
    Virtual Sea Legs (Bronze): Play 5 Events in Multiplayer.
    You've Never Used Them Before (Bronze): Complete your first Event.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Lawnmower Man (Bronze): Drive a total of 10 minutes whilst Off Track.
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