Earthlock: Festival Of Magic

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Valor (Platinum): Unlocked all other trophies.
    Champions of Umbra (Gold): Level up all characters to level 20.
    Disciple of the Onurasi (Gold): Completely fill all the Talent Boards.
    Lango Plantmaster (Gold): Fully level up every type of plant.
    Owl Tide Bestiary (Gold): Defeat one of every enemy.
    Owls of the Nest (Gold): Complete the game.
    Diligent Hogbunny (Silver): Fill up the garden with plants.
    Fearless in Karba (Silver): Fully level up all Bonds between all characters.
    Festival Masters (Silver): Complete all Tournaments with Gold Ranking.
    Great Wave Alumni (Silver): Craft one of each Perk Talents.
    Heroic Hoarder (Silver): Return all barnacles to Plumpet Island.
    Spiritualist of the Sands (Silver): Help 50 ghosts to rest at peace.
    Supreme Scavenger (Silver): Open 50 chests.
    Gardener of Lango (Bronze): Harvest 1000 fruits.

Additionally, there are 12 secret trophies:

    Zabrium Seeker (Bronze): Defeat the Temple Guardian.
    Hogbunny Buddy (Bronze): Gnart joins the party.
    Gersween's Nest (Bronze): Get to Plumpet Island.
    The General's Daughter (Bronze): Help Ive from the crashed plane.
    A Stormdog's Bond (Bronze): Rescue Taika from the goblin.
    The Red-Haired Enigma (Bronze): Olia rejoins the party.
    Ancient Sentient Support (Bronze): Find Pat in the warehouse.
    Shielded by Lÿs (Bronze): Lady Lumia crafts the Lys Aegis Talent.
    A Hammerhead's Freedom (Bronze): Rescue Benjo.
    Inside Maáto's Mind (Bronze): Get to the memory chamber.
    Custodian of the Scrollroads (Bronze): Defeat the Mushriga.
    Konkylian Custodian (Silver): Defeat the Hollow Knight.
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