EA Sports UFC 2


Play as Joe Rogan

At the opening screen with the "Press Options Button" message, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X, Options to unlock Joe Rogan as a fighter in the Welterweight division.

Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    Bas Rutten: Successfully complete Career mode. Alternately, he is available as a pre-order bonus.
    Bruce Lee: Successfully complete Career mode. Alternately, he is available by having a saved game from EA Sports UFC, or as a pre-order bonus, or purchase as DLC.
    Kazushi Sakuraba: Successfully complete Career mode.
    Mike Tyson: Successfully complete Career mode. Alternately, he is available as a pre-order bonus, or purchase as DLC.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Master of the Octagon (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies in EA SPORTS UFC 2.
    It's My First Day (Bronze): Complete the UFC 189 Intro scenario.
    Spin to Win (Bronze): Score a knockout with any spinning attack.
    Checkmate (Bronze): Win a match by using a submission chain.
    Risky Business (Bronze): Submit an opponent with a flying submission.
    Better Late Than Never (Gold): Knockout or submit your opponent in the last ten seconds of the final round.
    Throw It On The Ground (Bronze): Knockout your opponent with a slam.
    Not So Fast (Bronze): Takedown an opponent using a Judo counter.
    Strike First, Strike Hard (Silver): Knockout your opponent within the first thirty seconds of a match.
    Don`t Talk the Talk... (Silver): Knockout your opponent within fifteen seconds of them taunting.
    Matchmaker (Bronze): Create and play through an event in Custom Events with at least four fights.
    Putting in the Time (Bronze): Complete every Skill Challenge on every difficulty.
    Work Ethic (Silver): Complete every Skill Challenge with an A Rank on every difficulty.
    The Whole Crew (Silver): Complete a match with each of your featured fighters in Ranked Championships Mode in one day.
    The Legend (Gold): Become a Champion in Ranked or Ultimate Championships.
    Money Where Your Mouth Is (Bronze): Submit your picks for every fight on a card in Live Events.
    Bonus! (Silver): Submit a Play Bonus pick in Live Events.
    The First Step (Bronze): Open your first Fight Pack in UFC Ultimate Team.
    Fully Loaded (Bronze): Apply a Perk and a Move Item to a single fighter in UFC Ultimate Team.
    All in a Day's Work (Bronze): Complete all of your objectives in UFC Ultimate Team in one day.
    Stockpile (Silver): Have 200 total Items or more in your UFC Ultimate Team Collection at one time.
    Blue Belt (Bronze): Reach Team Level 6.
    Brown Belt (Silver): Reach Team Level 16.
    Red Belt (Gold): Reach Team Level 26.
    Heavy Purse (Silver): Earn 10,000 Coins as fight rewards.
    Making Bank (Silver): Earn 100,000 Coins as fight rewards.

Additionally, there are eight secret trophies:

    A Change of Pace (Bronze): Changed weight class during your career.
    I Got This (Bronze): Won a short notice fight in your career.
    Surprise! (Bronze): Something unexpected happened during your career.
    Outmatched (Bronze): Completed all objectives in a Fight Challenge.
    Push It To The Limit (Silver): Unlocked all boosts in a training session in your career.
    On the Rise (Silver): Won The Ultimate Fighter competition in your career.
    Still Standing (Gold): Completed thirty fights in your career.
    The Champion (Gold): Won the UFC Belt in your career!
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