Electronic Super Joy

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Mass Murder (Bronze): Murder The Pope.
    As You Wish (Bronze): Survive Glorg.
    Rear-venge! (Bronze): Defeat The Groove Wizard.
    One-derful! (Silver): Defeat World 1 within 10 minutes.
    Two Awesome (Silver): Defeat World 2 within 17 minutes.
    So Three-ling! (Silver): Defeat World 3 within 22 minutes.
    How Four-tuitous! (Silver): Defeat World 4 within 26 Minutes.
    Dame Right, It's Better Than Yours! (Silver): Beat all gold times.
    So Long And Thanks For All The Stars (Silver): Collect every star.
    Electronic Super Done! (Gold): Get every Star, beat every Gold Time, and earn 0 deaths in every level.
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