Energy Hook

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    100% (Platinum): Do it all.
    Copper Medalist (Bronze): Get copper medals in everything.
    Silver Medalist (Silver): Get silver medals in everything.
    Gold Medalist (Gold): Get gold medals in everything.
    Platinum Medalist (Gold): Get platinum medals in everything.
    Geocache Enthusiast (Silver): Find 21 geocaches.
    Geocache Completist (Gold): Find all geocaches.
    Watch Out For Airplanes (Silver): Get 1000 meters above the ground.
    My First Flip (Bronze): Do a flip.
    My First Loop-The-Loop (Gold): Do a loop-the-loop.
    My First 1080 (Bronze): Do a 1080.
    My First Wallrun (Bronze): Do a wallrun.
    Medium Wall Run (Silver): Do a 5 second wallrun.
    Long Wallrun (Gold): Do a 10 second wallrun.
    Chain 2000 (Bronze): Do a 2000 point combo chain.
    Chain 4000 (Bronze): Do a 4000 point combo chain.
    Chain 8000 (Silver): Do an 8000 point combo chain.
    Chain 16000 (Silver): Do a 16000 point combo chain.
    Credible (Silver): Get 51 cred points.
    Incredible (Gold): 100% cred.
    Southstar Island (Bronze): Visit Southstar Island.
    Future Island (Bronze): Visit Future Island.
    Misty City (Bronze): Visit Misty City.
    New Atlantis (Bronze): Visit New Atlantis.
    Sky Gardens (Silver): Visit Sky Gardens.
    My First Defenestration (Bronze): Smash through a window.
    Challenger (Silver): Visit all challenge levels.

Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

    Just Happy To Be Here (Bronze): Two hours of free play.
    That's Gotta Hurt (Bronze): Bail 100 times.
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