EVE: Gunjack

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Poetry (Gold): Achieve 'Master' rating for all missions.
    Destroyer (Silver): Kill 5,000 enemies.
    Gunjack! (Silver): Complete Mission 20 with a 3-star rating.
    When The Stars Align (Silver): Earn 50 stars.
    You've got to be kidding me… (Silver): Complete M11-20 with at least a 2-star rating.
    Jack of All Trades (Bronze): Complete Mission 1.
    Marksman (Bronze): Kill 100% of enemies in 3 separate missions.
    Master at Arms (Bronze): Achieve 'Master' rating for a mission.
    Oh my God… (Bronze): Complete M1-10 with at least a 2-star rating.
    Overpowered (Bronze): Use 100 power-ups.
    Rock Star (Bronze): Earn a 3-star rating in both bonus missions.
    Roid Rage (Bronze): Destroy 1,000 asteroids in Bonus missions.
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