Extreme Exorcism

Corey Feldman Interview


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Exorcist (Silver): Complete Arcade mode.
    Grand Tour (Silver): Unlock all rooms.
    Extreme Exorcist (Gold): Defeat the final boss without losing a life!
    Unchallenged (Silver): Complete all challenges..
    It's a Party! (Bronze): Manage to amass thirty ghosts on-screen!
    Bull's Eye (Bronze): Kill five ghosts with one harpoon.
    Demolition, Man. (Bronze): Kill ten ghosts with one explosion.
    This House is Clean (Bronze): Exorcise ten ghosts at once.
    Take that, Physics! (Bronze): Jump on five bullets in one round.
    Full Arsenal (Bronze): Unlock all weapons.
    Necromancer (Bronze): Die 1000 times!
    Ghostblaster (Bronze): Kill a total of 1000 ghosts!
    Dead Eye (Bronze): Finish five rounds without missing a shot.
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