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Successfully complete the game on any difficulty five time on one save to unlock the full gallery.

Alternate endings

There are three different endings, depending on the number of furies you pull from the Vile Good during the Revival process before Cavare Desert. Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding ending:

    Evil Goddess Route ending: Pull out 16 or more swords from the Vile God.
    Goddess Route (original) ending: Pull out no more than 5 swords from the Vile Good.
    Vile God Route ending: Pull out between 7 and 15 swords from the Vile God.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Ultimate Fencer (Platinum): Obtained all the trophies. "No one decides my fate except me!"
    Road of Thorns (Gold): Finished the game on HARD without changing the difficulty. "Your only redeeming trait was how you would never give up. Am I wrong?"
    A Woman's Garden (Silver): Defeated Artemis with only a party of 3 or more women (Pippin excluded). "I don't think we should let the boys see this."
    Crusher (Silver): Defeated the enemies Devilkin, Iris, and EX Harariel within Shukesoo's Tower only after destroying all of their parts. "I adore shattering human emotions into pieces!"
    Male Bonding!? (Silver): Defeated the Imperial Gold Dragon with only a party of 3 or more men (Pippin excluded). "I have absolutely no interest in the female body."
    Blue Gale (Bronze): Continued a Boost Dash for 30 seconds. "The Azure Gale!?"

Additionally, there are 24 secret trophies:

    Evil Goddess Story Cleared (Gold): Cleared the "Evil Goddess Story." "Thank you, Grandfather..."
    Goddess Story Cleared (Gold): Cleared the "Goddess Story." "Seal the Vile God...for good!"
    Shukesoo's Eviction (Gold): Cleared all 40 floors of Shukesoo's Tower. "Mwahahahaha!!"
    Vile God Story Cleared (Gold): Cleared the "Vile God Story." "If the power I wield can serve some small role in protecting this world..."
    Air Master (Silver): Performed 100 Air Combos. "There!"
    Avalanche Master (Silver): Performed 100 Avalanche Attacks. "We're invincible!"
    Berserker (Silver): Defeated 10,000 enemies. "There's no way I can stop!"
    Diligent Worker (Silver): Achieved a Quest Rank of S. "...I shall continue counting on you."
    Fury Meister (Silver): Boosted one of your weapons to its max. "With this, your combat strength has increased drastically! "
    Maximum Firepower (Silver): Dealt 100,000 damage with a single attack. "It's not over yet!"
    Peaceful Resolution (Silver): With only Pippin, successfully use "Persuade" on all enemies in a 6-enemy party. "True social reform isn't merely concerned with destroying evil as it exists."
    Professional (Silver): Fought 500 battles. "Fwoooooosh!"
    Surging Waves of Fury (Silver): Performed 250 Hits. "I'll...cut you...to shreds!"
    Tenser Fencer (Silver): Maxed your tension 300 times. "I'm fired up!"
    The World's Strongest (Silver): Reached level 99 with a character. "My coolness is about to reach godly levels."
    Unsealed Deities (Silver): Pulled every sword from the Vile God and Goddess. "It took a long time but we're finally finished!"
    We're In The Money! (Silver): Possessed a total of 5,000,000 Gold. "As usual, I smell the fragrant aroma of money coming from you today!"
    A Lengthy Relationship (Bronze): Played the game for at least 40 hours. "That sounds like it'd take forever..."
    Amateur (Bronze): Fought 50 battles. "This is nothing!"
    Bond with Fairy (Bronze): Reached level 10 with one of your fairies. "There's still much we don't know about fairies. "
    Gimme a Boost (Bronze): Boosted your weapon for the first time. "This is simply the first step."
    The Journey Begins (Bronze): Escaped from the remote prison. "We've come a long way, so the coast should be clear now..."
    Veteran (Bronze): Fought 200 battles. "I didn't realize I was so strong."
    Where...Are We? (Bronze): Arrived in an unfamiliar place. "Where the heck are we?"
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