The Fall


Easy "In A Barrel" trophy

When you have to pass a jumping Jawfish, shoot him on his first jump immediately after you have pushed out the firefly bait to get the "In A Barrel" trophy.

Easy "Military Machine" trophy

Just after you unlock the Power Transfer Bypass (your gun's semi-automatic mode), you will encounter a total of six security droids patrolling the area to the right. You must destroy them quickly, within seconds of each other, to get the "Military Machine" trophy. The last droid may randomly duck behind cover. If this happens, reload the game and try again.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Allegory (Bronze): Escape the cave.
    Domesticated (Bronze): Complete all domestic tests.
    Regicide (Bronze): Make a royal mess.
    Validated (Bronze): Complete your evaluation.
    Fallen (Silver): Complete Part 1.
    Merciful (Bronze): Evaluation: Pending...
    FaceOff (Bronze): Evaluation: Complete.
    In A Barrel (Bronze): Nice reflexes!
    Consider That a Divorce (Bronze): It's better to have loved and lost...
    Sadistic (Bronze): Light 'em up.
    On Second Thought... (Bronze): Come clean.
    Tin Man (Bronze): You never even gave it a second thought...
    Ask Questions Later (Bronze): Repair Reaper.
    Doesn't Learn (Bronze): Kids these days...
    Fungacide (Bronze): I couldn't escape!
    Military Machine (Silver): 6 feet under.
    Diag-Gnostic (Silver): Collect all logs.
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