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Cheat mode

Pause the game, then press one of the following buttons to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, an icon will appear in the lower-right corner of the screen to show the cheat activated. Note: There are also three other cheat options (master every ability, max out levels and magic stones, and max gil) available through the config menu, but these cheats disable the ability to earn trophies and are permanent once they are enabled.

    Press L1: Activate battle assistance.
    Press L2: All your actions do 9,999 damage or healing.
    Press R1: Greatly augments the speed of gameplay.
    Press R2: Prevents all random battles.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Heroes of Gaia (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
    Hail to the King (Gold): Jump rope 1000 times without tripping and obtain King of Jump Rope.
    Over the Moon (Gold): Obtain 4 moonstones.
    The Ultimate Sword (Gold): Obtain Excalibur II.
    It's All in the Cards III (Silver): Win 100 Tetra Master matches. (Certain NPCs can be re-challenged to increase your win count after progressing through the game.)
    Movie Critic (Silver): View 79 Active Time Events.
    Skip to My Lou (Silver): Jump rope 100 times without tripping.
    To Ozma and Back (Silver): Defeat Ozma.
    A Clean Bill of Health (Bronze): Have a single character affected by all status ailments (both beneficial and detrimental).
    A Round of Applause (Bronze): Have the nobles demand an encore.
    A-Hunting We Will Go (Bronze): Win with Vivi during the Festival of the Hunt.
    All's Well That Ends Well (Bronze): Complete FINAL FANTASY IX.
    Another Man's Treasure (Bronze): Receive certification as a Rank S Treasure Hunter.
    Auctioneer (Bronze): Win 10 items at the Treno Auction House.
    Back Online (Bronze): Repair the machine at Mognet Central.
    Beach Bum (Bronze): Visit every beach in Gaia.
    Beating the Ragtime Blues (Bronze): Correctly answer all the questions in Ragtime Mouse's pop quiz.
    Bloodlust (Bronze): Defeat 10000 enemies.
    Close But No Cigar (Bronze): Obtain the Tower.
    Cracking the Code (Bronze): Uncover the secret of the Eidolon Wall.
    Diggin' It (Bronze): Locate all hidden treasures on the world map.
    Dragon Lady (Bronze): Defeat Behemoth in the Treno weapon shop using Dagger.
    Driving the Hard Bargain (Bronze): Purchase all items available from Stiltzkin.
    Earning the Queen's Favor (Bronze): Receive 10 rewards from Queen Stella.
    End of the Road (Bronze): Attain level 99 with at least one character.
    Follow Your Nose (Bronze): Raise your chocobo's beak level to 99.
    Found in the Shuffle (Bronze): Beat the Nero Brothers' shuffling game nine times in a row.
    Frog Wrangler (Bronze): Successfully catch 99 frogs.
    Going for the Gold (Bronze): Successfully catch a golden frog.
    It's All in the Cards I (Bronze): Win a Tetra Master match.
    It's All in the Cards II (Bronze): Win 10 Tetra Master matches. (Certain NPCs can be re-challenged to increase your win count after progressing through the game.)
    Kain's Legacy (Bronze): Obtain Kain's Lance.
    Mister Nice Guy (Bronze): Gain the favor of all friendly enemies.
    My Little Airship (Bronze): Obtain a miniature copy of the Prima Vista.
    One Nag Too Many (Bronze): Cause Moguo to have a tantrum.
    Out of Harm's Way (Bronze): Guide all the residents of Cleyra to safety.
    Overly Emotional (Bronze): Enter trance 50 times.
    Path of the Samurai (Bronze): Obtain the complete set of Genji armor.
    Peek-A-Boo (Bronze): Free Kuppo from a wall in Fossil Roo.
    Sword of Kings (Bronze): Obtain the sacred blade Excalibur.
    The One Ring (Bronze): Obtain Madain's Ring via mining.
    The Ultimate Claws (Bronze): Obtain the Rune Claws.
    The Ultimate Dual Blade (Bronze): Obtain the Ultima Weapon.
    The Ultimate Flute (Bronze): Obtain the Angel Flute.
    The Ultimate Fork (Bronze): Obtain the Gastro Fork.
    The Ultimate Mace (Bronze): Obtain the Mace of Zeus.
    The Ultimate Racket (Bronze): Obtain the Tiger Racket.
    The Ultimate Rod (Bronze): Obtain the Whale Whisker.
    Track Star (Bronze): Obtain Athlete Queen.
    Well Lubricated (Bronze): Obtain a bottle of Superslick.
    What's Your Sign? (Bronze): Obtain the Hammer.
    Your Lucky Day (Bronze): Receive a Very Good Omen from a color fortune.
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