Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    You Who Died a Ton. We Salute You! (Platinum): Get all trophies.
    Beat the Cow Level (Bronze): Wrangle with Wrathhoof.
    Student of Pain (Silver): Slay Slarth.
    Heart Attack (Silver): Get Graw.
    Brittle Bones (Gold): Maim Mordar.
    Freedom! (Gold): Complete FORCED.
    Bejeweled (Silver): Earn 25 Crystals.
    Putting the Pro in Prospector (Gold): Earn 50 Crystals.
    Gotta collect 'em all! (Gold): Earn 75 Crystals.
    A New Challenger Appears! (Silver): Beat 8 challenges.
    Challenge Accepted! (Gold): Beat 16 challenges.
    Challenge Completed! (Gold): Beat 25 challenges.
    ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! (Silver): Beat 8 time challenges.
    Speed Racer! (Gold): Beat 16 time challenges.
    FTL (Gold): Beat 25 time challenges.
    High Voltage! (Silver): Complete 10 trials with the Storm Bow.
    It's Hammer Time! (Silver): Complete 10 trials with the Volcanic Hammer.
    Mr. Ice Guy! (Silver): Complete 10 trials with the Ice Shield.
    Slice and Dice! (Silver): Complete 10 trials with the Spirit Claws.
    Volatile Omelet (Silver): Burst 100 Volatile Swarmer Eggs.
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