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Infinite XP

Complete the following steps to quickly earn an unlimited amount of XP:

    1. Go to the menu screen, select "Goals", scroll over to "Labors", and highlight "Quick Reflexes" under the "Skill" category. Get your total parries to 99 of 100. You can track your parries at this screen.

    2. Once your parries are at 99/100, kill an enemy to trigger an autosave. A good place to do this early in the story is when you cross the bridge near the first revenant encounter.

    3. Parry an enemy to reach 100/100 parries and get 3,500 XP, but do not kill the enemy or do anything to trigger an autosave. Instead, immediately pause the game and select the "Restart From Checkpoint" option.

    4. When you start again, you will retain the 3,500 XP earned, but the parry counter will be reset to 99/100. If you were near an enemy, you should start near it. If you do not spawn near an enemy, try to find another area that spawns you next to an enemy.

    5. After restarting from the checkpoint, parry an enemy to get another 3,500 XP. Then, immediately select the "Restart From Checkpoint" option again. Repeat this as many times as desired. You can earn approximately 350,000 XP in 15 minutes using this exploit.

You can do this at the start of the game, and earn enough XP to keep unlocking everything in the game immediately when it becomes available. Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It will probably eventually get patched. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install new patches.

Secret Avengers: Infinity War gauntlet

First, obtain the Exotic Shattered Gauntlet Of Ages talisman. You can get it during the "Family Business" favor for Sindri in the Northri Stronghold. This favor is only available after you have completed the "Fafnir's Storeroom" favor for Sindri. This special gauntlet's description reads: "An ancient relic of Hel deemed too powerful to remain whole, fragments of its former strength lie scattered throughout the realms...". It is a reference to Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Infinity War. When fully upgraded, you can slot in three of the six unique enchantments/gems to unlock its special power. The following enchantments can be slotted in it:

    1. Muspelheim's Eye Of Power
    2. Njord's Temporal Stone
    3. Eye Of The Outer Realm
    4. Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind
    5. Andvari's Soul
    6. Asgard's Stone Of Existence

After slotting in any three of those six enchantments, it will have the ability to fire a purple laser projectile. It launches about five explosive blasts from your fist. Without the enchantments equipped, all it does is perform a super-punch and shockwave. To upgrade the Shattered Gauntlet Of Ages talisman, you need four Dragon Tears. These are super rare items that can only be obtained from dragons. Three Dragon Tears can be obtained by freeing the three dragons in Midgard. The fourth tear is harder to obtain. Go to the Forgotten Caverns, and find Baldur's dragon (the dead dragon that crashes in this area when you climb the mountain for the second time). Once you have all four Dragon Tears, you can fully upgrade the Shattered Gauntlet Of Ages.

Secret legendary treasure

To find a secret treasure with a Legendary Leviathan Axe Pommel called the Forbidden Grip Of Ages, complete the following steps. It increases all of Kratos' stats, and adds an explosive blastwave when he completes his standard light attack combo. This is one of the best weapon upgrades in the game. Stand on the large golden circle in Muspelheim Tower, and quickly look to the indicated locations using the Right Analog-stick. Note: Muspelheim Tower is located in the south of the Lake Of Nine in Midgard. It is accessed from the Lookout Tower boat dock once the water level has dropped far enough to reach the dock.

    1. Stand on Muspelheim Tower, south of Tyr's Temple.
    2. Look straight ahead at Tyr's Temple.
    3. Look to the left brazier on the Muspelheim Tower deck.
    4. Look back at Tyr's Temple.
    5. Look to the right brazier on the Muspelheim Tower deck.
    6. Look to the left brazier on the Muspelheim Tower deck.
    7. Look back at Tyr's Temple.
    8. Look down at the floor of the Muspelheim Tower deck.
    9. Look to the right brazier on the Muspelheim Tower deck.
    10. Look to the left brazier on the Muspelheim Tower deck.
    11. Look straight ahead at Tyr's Temple to reveal the secret realm tear.

Briefly pause when looking at each location. If done correctly, you will hear a sound halfway through performing the steps and another sound once all steps have been completed. This may take multiple attempts. It is recommended to memorize the order before attempting it. For best results, stand between the two braziers (where the fires are burning) while facing Tyr's Temple. The order of movements is Up, Left, Up, Right, Left, Up, Down, Right, Left, Up. After successfully completing all steps, a realm tear will appear. Interact with it to obtain the Legendary Forbidden Grip Of Ages Leviathan Axe Pommel.

Secret ending

After completing the main story, if you speak with the blacksmiths, they will advise you on moving fast and staying safe if you plan to return home. Fast travel back home and enter the house. Walk to the back and interact with the bed to view the secret ending.

Golden Talisman Of Protection

The Golden Talisman Of Protection is a powerful talisman that can be found early in the game and is useful throughout the entire game. It is also easy to miss. You can get it as soon as you arrive in the Lake Of Nine. It improves recovery time, increases defense when blocking, and slightly lengthens your parry window. To find the Golden Talisman Of Protection, go to Stone Falls. The location is northeast of the temple, available once you unlock the temple in the center of the Lake Of Nine. You will stop at Stone Falls to access Veithurgard in the story, but you can visit this hidden area whenever desired. In Stone Falls, solve the puzzle to reach the bridge. Knock down the bridge after opening the door, go past the NPC spirit (circle back around to the door that leads back to the Revenant arena), lower the bridge, and use the lowered bridge. In the Revenant arena, you can access a new door to the right that contains a legendary chest with the Golden Talisman Of Protection.

Amulet Of Kvasir talisman

The Amulet Of Kvasir talisman can be found very early in the game and is useful throughout the game. Once you are able to explore Alfheim, you can get this talisman. It works like a standard Platinum dodge —- when Kratos dodges an attack, you will slow down time and perform strong counter-attacks. In Alfheim, you will eventually reach an area called the Light Elf Sanctuary. Find the realm tear past the crank gate, and proceed past the bridge made of roots. At this vantage point, you can see the beach where you first started the area. From here, throw your axe to break the root nodes, making a tunnel appear. Drop down to reach a room with a wheel crank. Use it to solve the root puzzle (break all three with a single throw) to make the legendary chest appear with the Amulet Of Kvasir talisman inside.

Muspelheim realm

To unlock the Muspelheim realm, you must find four Muspelheim Language Ciphers. They are in the purple cipher chests with a white "face" lock. They are found in the following locations:

    1. The River Pass (Witch's Cave, requires yellow arrows to destroy the red tree sap) - 0:54: Once you meet with the Witch, you will be able to access the cave underneath her house. Near the entrance lift, turn right and destroy the red vines/viscera with a charged explosive root to find the cipher chest to the right.

    2. The Mountain - 0:55: From the Summit mystic gateway, you can find the cipher chest straight up the steps leading to the green garden at the top.

    3. Cliffs Of The Raven - 1:33: This is an area that is easy to miss. From the Lake Of Nine, land on the beach to the right, on the path southeast from the temple. You will pass the beach on the way to Volunder Mines. Enter the large arena area at the end of the cliffs, and look left for a small opening blocked by wood. Smash through it and throw Atreus up so he can drop a chain. Climb up to find the cipher chest.

    4. Forgotten Caverns - 2:46: This is an optional region. It is directly northwest of the temple in the center of the Lake Of Nine; you can visit this area at any point in the game. Go inside and climb the narrow cracks (twice) to reach the upper level of the caverns. The cipher chest is at the top.

There are more than four ciphers, but these are the easiest to obtain. After getting all four ciphers, go to the Realm Travel Room, and select Muspelheim as your destination. It is a secret area that contains trials, needed for getting the "Fire And Brimstone" trophy. Finding all language ciphers is also required to get the "Trilingual" trophy.

Niflheim realm

To unlock the Niflheim realm, you must find four Niflheim Language Ciphers. They are in the purple cipher chests with a white "face" lock. They are found in the following locations:

    1. The Mountain - 0:05: Proceed up the steps to reach the green garden area. Drop down onto the snowy path and cross the snow toward the peak in the distance. Along the left side is an area you can drop down to find a realm tear and cipher chest.

    2. Lookout Tower - 1:04: You can access the Lookout Tower once you are able explore the Lake Of Nine. The Lookout Tower is south of the temple, at the base of one of Odin's (statue) massive feet. This beach contains a cipher chest.

    3. Ruins Of The Ancient - 1:36: This area is located far northwest of the temple in the Lake Of Nine, and can only be accessed once the snake moves and allows you to access Konunsgard. There is a Soul-Eater and cipher chest on this beach.

    4. Council Of Valkyries - 2:02: Land on the beach south of The Mason's Channel, just to the right of the two huge statues holding an oar. Destroy the red crystals and climb up the cliff wall. Climb up the next wall and destroy the red crystals to the right. Drop back down and go to the area where the red crystals were just destroy to find the cipher chest.

There are more than four ciphers, but these are the easiest to obtain. After getting all four ciphers, go to the Realm Travel Room, and select Niflheim as your destination. It is a secret area that contains a randomized labyrinth challenge. You can get the "Darkness And Fog" trophy in Niflheim by opening all chests and realm tears in the central chamber. Finding all language ciphers is also required to get the "Trilingual" trophy.

Fully upgrade Leviathan Axe

To fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe, you need Frozen Flames, which is a type of crafting component. Level 6 is the maximum for the axe. The first upgrade is given automatically when you meet Brok for the first time. You will then keep getting Frozen Flames from story bosses. Even if you fail to collect them, they will be added to the "Lost Items" section in the shop. By completing the story, you can get the axe to Level 5. Getting it to Level 6 is hidden in the shop under "Buy" - "Resources". You can exchange the Chilling Mist Of Niflheim for the final Frozen Flame. The Chilling Mist Of Niflheim is found in a chest in the central chamber of the Niflheim realm, which costs 5,000 Mist Echoes to open. You must do Sindri's first favor in Nifleheim to gain access to the central chamber. Then, keep going around the "labyrinth" in this region to farm Mist Echoes until you have 5,000. Once you have enough Mist Echoes, open the chest to get the Chilling Mist Of Niflheim. Return to a shop and exchange the Chilling Mist Of Niflheim for the Frozen Flame. You can then purchase the final upgrade for the Leviathan Axe and get the "Worthy" trophy.

Fully upgrade Blades Of Chaos

To fully upgrade the Blades Of Chaos, you need Chaos Flames, which is a type of crafting component. Level 5 is the maximum for the blades. After retrieving the Blades Of Chaos, you will keep getting Chaos Flames from story bosses. Even if you fail to collect them, they will be added to the "Lost Items" section in the shop. By completing the story, you can get the blades to Level 4. Getting them to Level 5 is hidden in the shop under "Buy" - "Resources". You can exchange the Raging Inferno Of Muspelheim for the final Chaos Flame. The Raging Inferno Of Muspelheim is dropped by the only Valkyrie in the Muspelheim realm. To reach her, defeat all the trials leading up the mountain in the Muspelheim realm. There are five trials, and you must play each one twice to unlock the gate to the next trial. The Valkyrie is the end boss in the Muspelheim realm. After looting the Raging Inferno from her, return to a shop and exchange it for the Chaos Flame. You can then purchase the final upgrade for the Blades Of Chaos and get the "Why Fight It?" trophy.

Easy Aegir's Gold and hacksilver

Simply go around the Lake Of Nine in a boat and run over the floating barrels to get lots of hacksilver. Run over the floating corpses to collect Aegir's Gold. Press Circle while floating over the glowing gold areas to also get Aegir's Gold. The barrels, corpses, and glowing gold areas keep spawning as you continue moving around the Lake Of Nine. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy Mist Echoes

First, unlock the Niflheim realm by collecting four Niflheim Language Ciphers in purple chests. In the Niflheim realm, complete Sindri's quest to unlock the Workshop's center chamber. In the center chamber are realm tears and chests that cost Mist Echoes to open -- a currency unique to this region. Mist Echoes are obtained from the Mist Labyrinth. You need 68,500 to open everything in the center chamber. There are a total of five treasures chests and three realm tears in the center chamber. You get the "Darkness And Fog" trophy for unlocking all treasure chests and realm tears in the Workshop's center chamber. Even though it seems like it will take a long time to obtain 68,500 Mist Echoes, it really does not if you use the following strategy. It only takes four full runs of the labyrinth (around 60 minutes total) to get 70,000 echoes. The general rule to follow is the more chests you open per run, the more the next chest will give. At first it might only be 200 or so per chest, but later it will be 1,500+ per chest if you clear the entire labyrinth in one run. So the key to farming is really just to stay alive, collect all materials dropped by enemies, and open all chests along the way. Use the following strategy to get 15,000 – 20,000 Mist Echoes per run. You get around 9,000 from opening chests and around 5,000-8,000 from selling materials that the enemies dropped.

    1. At the start of the labyrinth is always a Nornir chest. Remember the three symbols on it; if they are weird letters, exit the mist and re-enter to get a new combination that is easier to remember. As you make your way through the labyrinth, there are three signposts up high in the corner sections on either edge of the labyrinth. Those have the rune symbols of the Nornir chest. You must throw the axe to spin the signposts until they show one of the three symbols. The signposts are always in the same corner quadrants. At the end, if you put all three Nornir runes in the correct position, you can open the chest at the start of the labyrinth.

    2. Open all chests in the labyrinth, and go to every possible section.

    3. There is always a second Nornir chest randomly located somewhere in the labyrinth. When you stand straight in front of it, you can always see the three rune symbols you need to hit with the axe (they are always visible from the section where the Nornir chest is located).

    4. Enemies can be killed quickly with runic attacks. Use anything that inflicts a lot of damage and some area of effect attacks (Sindri's armor set is recommended since it greatly reduces cooldown times).

    5. Obviously, make it out of the labyrinth alive before time runs out. If you die, you lose everything from that run.

    6. Once you are out of the labyrinth, sell the materials the enemies dropped to Sindri (Shop - Sell - Resources). Usually for each run of the labyrinth, you will find 1-2 materials that give 2,500 echoes each, and 2-4 that give 1,000 echoes each.

All treasure map and dig spot locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 12 treasure maps and dig spots. Find and dig up all 12 treasures to get the "Treasure Hunter" trophy. None of the treasures are missable. You can still get all of them after the story in free roam. To dig up the treasures, you must first have found the map. Without the map, the dig spot will not appear. You get money and crafting materials from the treasures -- so they are worth the extra effort.


    1. The Turtles Tribute - 0:05
    2. Dead And Bloated - 2:06
    3. Kneel Before Thor! - 3:58
    4. Don't Blink - 6:27
    5. Njord's Oarsmen - 8:44
    6. Creation Island - 10:31
    7. Finder's Fee - 11:55
    8. The Boat Captain's Key - 13:55
    9. Island Of Light - 15:23
    10. The Historian - 17:19
    11. Hunter's Kingdom - 18:20
    12. The Last Place They'd Look - 20:32

All Muspelheim trials on Impossible difficulty

First, unlock the Muspelheim realm by collecting four Muspelheim Language Ciphers in purple chests. It is not required to complete all trials on the Impossible difficulty to get the "Fire And Brimstone" trophy. You only need to complete three of them to get the keys, then complete the sixth trial (by using the keys) to get the trophy. There are six Muspelheim trials. Each one has three difficulty levels (Normal, Hard, and Impossible). During your first visit, you must complete the Normal and Hard versions to advance to the next challenge. The "Impossible" version becomes available after defeating the Valkyrie in Muspelheim; she appears after the fifth trial. To play the sixth trial, you must collect three keys, which you get by completing any of the Impossible difficulty trials. Since only three keys are required (from the five available trials at this point), select the ones you find easiest. Trials 2, 3, and 5 are recommended, as they are by far the easiest. You can set the game difficulty to Easy under the game options when doing this. It is recommended to do this after the story, when you have better gear. If you have trouble completing the trials, make sure to use Level 6 or Level 7 armor (Level 6 armor is obtained from completing all of Brok's and Sindri's side quests; Level 7 armor is obtained from the Niflheim realm). To put the requirements in perspective, you have to complete trials 1-5 two times each (Normal and Hard difficulty) to advance to the next challenge. Defeat one Valkyrie at the end. Then, complete three trials on the Impossible difficulty to get the keys. Finally, complete the sixth trial one time by getting 50 kills in less than 8 minutes.


    Trial 1 - 0:05
    Trial 2 - 3:40
    Trial 3 - 6:27
    Trial 4 - 14:00
    Trial 5 - 21:58
    Trial 6 - 28:53

All armor sets showcase

This video shows what all the armor sets look like in God Of War (2018). You can buy most of them at shops. A few are from side quests and found in chests in the open world. The high-end epic sets require materials from end-game areas such as Muspelheim and Niflheim. One set is obtained from the Valkyries. Most sets only take hacksilver (game's currency) to be crafted.


    1. Exile Set - 0:10
    2. Boar Hide Set - 0:33
    3. Reaver Set - 0:57
    4. Wolfskin Set - 1:30
    5. Viken Set - 2:01
    6. Tyr's Set - 2:33
    7. Metal-Plated Set - 3:08
    8. Defender's Set - 3:39
    9. Ancient Set - 4:07
    10. Dwarven Runic Set - 4:36
    11. Völunder Set - 5:04
    12. Traveller Set - 5:33
    13. Arcane Might Set - 6:04
    14. Vigour Set - 6:35
    15. Clarity Set - 7:09
    16. Protection Set - 7:37
    17. True Warrior Set - 8:06
    18. Brok's Set - 8:32
    19. Sindri's Set - 9:01
    20. Smouldering Brimstone Set - 9:34
    21. Blazing Magma Set - 9:59
    22. Fallen Ash Set - 10:25
    23. Valkyrie Set - 10:53
    24. Ivaldi's Deadly Mist Set - 11:28
    25. Ivaldi's Cursed Mist Set - 12:00
    26. Ivaldi's Endless Mist Set - 12:33

All runic attacks showcase

This video shows all runic attacks (fully upgraded to Level 3) in God Of War (2018). Most of them are drops by bosses or they are found in legendary chests (the golden ones). A few can be bought from the shop. Runic moves are the game's version of special moves. They are the most powerful attacks in the game and have a cooldown period. By upgrading the "cooldown" stat, you can reduce the cooldown timer. It usually takes 20-80 seconds for a move to cooldown. That is enough to use all of them in each encounter. There are two categories of moves per weapon -- light and heavy attacks. Each weapon and move has a separate cooldown. This means you can unleash the two moves of the first weapon and immediately follow up with the two moves of the second weapon.

Leviathan Axe - Light Attacks

    1 - Njörd's Tempest - 0:10
    2 - Fury Of The Ice Troll - 0:24
    3 - Tyr's Revenge - 0:38
    4 - Leviathan's Wake - 0:57
    5 - Charge Of The White Bear - 1:08
    6 - Wratch Of The Frost Ancient - 1:21
    7 - Strike Of The Utgard - 1:40
    8 - Hel's Touch - 1:54

Leviathan Axe - Heavy Attacks

    9 - Thiazi's Talon - 2:04
    10 - Ivaldi's Anvil - 2:24
    11 - Mists Of Helheim - 2:38
    12 - Frost Giant's Frenzy - 3:10
    13 - Blessings Of The Frost - 3:29
    14 - Breath Of Thamur - 4:04
    15 - The River Of Knives - 4:25
    16 - Glaive Storm - 4:36

Blades Of Chaos - Light Attacks

    17 - Cyclone Of Chaos - 4:50
    18 - Nemean Crush - 5:08
    19 - Rampage Of The Furies - 5:18
    20 - Rage Of The Titans - 5:35
    21 - Icarus Storm - 5:51
    22 - Wrath Of Artemis - 6:02
    23 - Blast Of Hephaestus - 6:12
    24 - Spartan Charge - 6:24

Blades Of Chaos - Heavy Attacks

    25 - Tartarus Rage - 6:38
    26 - Fire Of Ares - 6:49
    27 - Prometheus Flame - 7:03
    28 - Hyperion Slam - 7:15
    29 - Meteoric Slam - 7:34
    30 - Hyperion Grapple - 7:52
    31 - Gift Of Apollo - 8:04


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Father and Son (Platinum): Obtain all other trophies.
    Allfather Blinded (Gold): Kill all of Odin's Ravens.
    Chooser of the Slain (Gold): Defeat the nine Valkyries.
    Darkness and Fog (Gold): Retrieve all treasure from the Workshop's center chamber.
    Fire and Brimstone (Gold): Complete all of the Trials of Muspelheim.
    Like Oil and Water (Gold): Complete all of Brok and Sindri's Favors.
    All Will Fall (Silver): Kill 1,000 Enemies.
    Curator (Silver): Collect all of the Artifacts.
    Dangerous Skies (Silver): Free all of the Dragons.
    Iðunn's Orchard (Silver): Fully upgrade your Health.
    Quick Tempered (Silver): Fully upgrade your rage.
    The Truth (Silver): Read all of the Jötnar shrines.
    Treasure Hunter (Silver): Use treasure maps to find all of the dig spots.
    Unfinished Business (Silver): Assist all of the wayward spirits.
    Best Dressed (Bronze): Craft an outfit for Atreus.
    Dwarven Ingenuity (Bronze): Upgrade a piece of armor.
    Enchanted (Bronze): Slot an Enchantment into your armor.
    Nice Moves (Bronze): Obtain a Runic Attack Gem.
    Path of the Zealot (Bronze): Obtain Traveler armor set.
    Primordial (Bronze): Obtain Ancient armor set.
    The Best Moves (Bronze): Fully upgrade a Runic Attack.
    Trilingual (Bronze): Learn the languages of Muspelheim and Niflheim.
    Worthy (Bronze): Fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe.

Additionally, there are secret trophies:

    Last Wish (Gold): Spread the ashes.
    A New Friend (Bronze): Survive the Witch's Woods.
    Beneath the Surface (Bronze): Explore all the Lake of Nine has to offer.
    Death Happened Here (Bronze): Fully explore Veithurgard.
    Dragon Slayer (Bronze): Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain.
    Feels Like Home (Bronze): Allow the Light Elves to return home.
    Hello, Old Friend (Bronze): Retrieve the Blades of Chaos.
    Past Haunts (Bronze): Ride the ship out of Helheim.
    Promise Fulfilled (Bronze): Heal Atreus.
    Round 2 (Bronze): Rescue Atreus.
    The Journey Begins (Bronze): Defend your home from The Stranger.
    Troubling Consequences (Bronze): Defeat Magni and Modi.
    Twilight Beckons (Bronze): Defeat Baldur.
    Why Fight It? (Bronze): Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos.
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