Goosebumps: The Game

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    You Can't Scare Me! (Platinum): Earn every trophy.
    Calling All Creeps! (Bronze): Collect the cell phone from your school locker.
    Stay Out of the Forest (Bronze): Find a way past the strange man in the woods.
    Welcome to Dead House (Silver): Complete Area 1 and return home.
    An Old Story's End (Bronze): Evict an elderly intruder.
    The Ghost Next Door (Bronze): See to the needs of the 3 unexpected guests.
    It Came from Beneath the Sink! (Bronze): Face what lies beneath the sink... and survive!
    Elevator to Nowhere (Bronze): Access the mysterious dimension from every possible angle.
    Toy Terror: Batteries Included (Bronze): Disable a deadly toy bent on destruction.
    How I Got my Shrunken Head (Silver): Solve a compression problem to reach the attic.
    I Was Your Evil Twin (Bronze): Look into an antique mirror and do some self reflection.
    Haunted Car (Bronze): Convince your brother to give you a ride across town.
    Shop Til You Drop... Dead! (Bronze): Find a way inside the Mall.
    Trick or... Trapped! (Bronze): Survive a power outage with gnome complications.
    The Monster Who Cried Girl (Silver): Recreate a crime scene to get security off your scent.
    Deep in the Jungle of Retail (Silver): Correctly answer a riddle as if your life depended on it.
    Go Eat Worms! (Silver): Have your life ended in 10 unique ways.
    Not the Living Dummy's Night (Silver): Survive the game to completion.
    Say Cheese (Bronze): Take a photograph using the Haunted Camera.
    It's Only a Nightmare (Silver): Complete the game without ever using the cell phone.
    Don't Go to Sleep! (Bronze): Charge your cell phone.
    Danger Time (Silver): Complete the game after draining your phone to 0% battery.
    Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid! (Bronze): Intimidate a very deadly creature.
    Night of the Giant Inventory (Silver): Grab every item you possibly can.
    Invaders from the Big Screen (Silver): Tell Aunt Dahlia about your weekend plans
    Slappy's Nightmare (Silver): Discover Slappy's secret shame.

Additionally, there are 15 secret trophies:

    Good Hare Day (Bronze): Place the Magician's Top Hat on its rightful owner.
    Creep from the Deep (Bronze): Toss 10 expendable items into a deep, dark hole.
    It Came from the Internet! (Silver): Used modern technology to give the second Ghost Child his heart's desire.
    It Came From Ohio! (Bronze): Track down RL Stine in the phone book and give him a call.
    Using the ol' Brain Juice (Bronze): Find a way to call RL Stine without touching gross coins or a dirty phone receiver.
    Are You Terrified Yet? (Bronze): Find entry into the bookstore.
    Say Cheese--Again! (Gold): Take pictures of every monster possible using the Haunted Camera.
    Earth Geeks Must Go! (Silver): Achieve a perfect game of skeeball.
    My Friends Call Me Monster (Silver): Defeat Slappy while wearing the Haunted Mask.
    Heads, You Lose! (Silver): Pry the Haunted Mask off your face.
    All-Day Nightmare (Silver): Finish the game in 300 turns or fewer.
    How I Learned to Fly (Gold): Finish the game in 175 turns or fewer.
    Be Careful What You Wish For... (Silver): Gather all possible items dropped from the laundry chute.
    A Shocker on Shock Street (Bronze): Be proactive and start your laundry.
    You're Not Plant Food! (Bronze): Narrowly escape defeat by wearing a talisman into the woods.
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