Grand Ages: Medieval

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Veni, vidi, vici! (Platinum): All trophies received.
    Founder (Bronze): 4 towns founded.
    Builder (Bronze): 8 towns founded.
    Creator (Bronze): 12 towns founded.
    Investor (Bronze): 2 towns taken over.
    White Knight (Bronze): 4 towns taken over.
    Locust (Bronze): 6 towns taken over.
    The architect! (Silver): Out of all your competitors, you founded the most towns upon reaching the rank of "Emperor".
    A diplomat! (Bronze): 5 towns taken over by diplomatic means.
    Hostile Takeover (Bronze): 5 towns taken over by military means.
    Settlement Camp (Bronze): A town has reached 3,000 inhabitants.
    Large City (Bronze): A town has reached 8,000 inhabitants.
    Megacity (Bronze): A town has reached 15,000 inhabitants.
    Cosmopolitan City (Bronze): Out of all your competitors, you had the largest town or city upon reaching the rank of "Emperor".
    Let them eat cake (Bronze): One of your towns or cities has achieved the maximum level of prosperity.
    Middle Class (Bronze): You have built 50 businesses.
    Group (Bronze): You have built 200 businesses.
    Multinational (Silver): You have built 500 businesses.
    Producer (Bronze): Out of all your competitors, you built the most businesses upon reaching the rank of "Emperor".
    Lull (Bronze): You have built 1,000 km of roads.
    Traffic Chaos (Silver): You have built 10,000 km of roads.
    Boy Scout (Bronze): You have discovered 10 Adventure Sites.
    Tracker (Bronze): You have discovered 50 Adventure Sites.
    Party Hero (Bronze): You have celebrated your first festival.
    Deal! (Bronze): You have entered into your first trade agreement.
    Aggressor (Bronze): You have declared war.
    Supermarket (Bronze): You have unlocked all commodities.
    Thrift Store (Bronze): You have traded 10,000 barrels of commodities.
    Wholesaler (Bronze): You have traded 1,000,000 barrels of commodities.
    For a Rainy Day (Bronze): You have amassed 5,000,000 gold.
    Tax Evasion (Gold): You have amassed 50,000,000 gold.
    Nursery (Silver): You have unlocked an entire tree in the development diagram.
    Veterans' Day (Bronze): You have maximized the experience of a military troop.
    Military State (Silver): You have recruited 100 troops in the game.
    Banditnapper (Bronze): You have destroyed 5 bandit camps.
    Big Game Hunter (Bronze): You have slain 5 predators.
    Customs House (Bronze): You have plundered 10 traders.
    Embargo (Silver): You have plundered 50 traders.
    Big Brother (Bronze): You have built 10 defense towers.
    Go to Hell (Silver): You have eliminated a competitor.
    Being there is everything (Bronze): Finished first multiplayer game.
    Victory across the front (Silver): Won first multiplayer game.
    You dealin', man! (Bronze): Handed goods over to a fellow player.
    Victory! (Bronze): Snuffed out a fellow player's troop.
    All mine! (Bronze): Took over a fellow player's town.
    Knights of the Round Table (Bronze): Recruited a troop of knights.
    To arms (Bronze): You have 50 units of military troops under your command.
    Set sail (Bronze): You have built your first ship.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

    Secret trophy (Silver): Unknown.
    Secret trophy (Silver): Unknown.
    Secret trophy (Gold): Unknown.
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