Grand Kingdom



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Hero of Resonail (Platinum): Congratulations on getting all the trophies!
    The Beginning of War (Bronze): You are now affiliated with the Guild.
    Fledging Mercenaries (Bronze): You hired a new unit.
    Novice Blacksmith (Bronze): Forged something at the blacksmith.
    A Sharper Sword (Bronze): Upgraded equipment at the blacksmith.
    One of a Kind (Bronze): Synthesized equipment at the blacksmith.
    Leave It To Me! (Bronze): Finished off an enemy with an Assist.
    True Grit (Bronze): Used Grit to avoid an enemy attack.
    Four Great Nations (Bronze): Visited each capital of the Four Great Nations.
    Obstacle Crusher (Bronze): Removed every type of obstacle on the field.
    Angels in White (Bronze): Met and received treatment from all 4 Healing Sisters.
    Worn-out shoes (Silver): Walked 20000 steps.
    The Road's End (Bronze): Went to all areas on a Travel Quest.
    Bounty Hunter (Silver): Defeated every Bounty Head!
    Max Stat (Bronze): Reach 99 in any stat on any unit.
    First Class Up (Bronze): Performed a Class Up!
    Class Master (Silver): Leveled a unit to level 99!
    Skill Completionist (Silver): Learned every possible skill on one of your units.
    Flag Collector (Silver): Obtained 20 flags.
    Great Order (Bronze): Obtain 150 total policy points.
    Guild Ace (Gold): Achieved Mercenary Rank of S!
    An Amazing New Record! (Silver): Knocked back a unit 8 character-lengths.
    Isn't It Beautiful? (Silver): Launched a unit 9 character-heights.
    High Damage (Silver): Dealt 20000 damage with one attack.
    Combo Master (Silver): Performed a 99-hit combo during one turn.
    Boundless Courage (Bronze): Achieve victory while morale is low.
    Beyond the Threshold of Death (Silver): Achieve victory with just 1 HP remaining.
    Double Finish (Bronze): Killed 2 enemies simultaneously.
    Triple Finish (Bronze): Killed 3 enemies simultaneously!
    Major Accident (Bronze): Killed an enemy using knockback damage.
    Object Breaker (Bronze): Destroyed an object while a unit was on top of it.
    Was Someone There? (Bronze): Killed an invisible unit while it was still invisible.
    Leave Me Behind! (Bronze): Prepared to flee from battle, then fled after a unit died.
    A Lovely Present (Bronze): A Rogue picked up a item containing explosives.
    Skillful (Silver): An ally Shaman reflected an attack to kill an enemy.
    The Final Explosion (Bronze): Win a battle using the Challenger's self-destruct skill, resulting in a double KO.
    Winner of a fierce battle (Silver): Defeated the Grand Mercenary Squad with a lower-level squad.
    A Strong Mercenary (Bronze): Adjust a quest's difficulty before clearing it.
    Lone Warrior (Silver): Clear a Target Quest with just one unit.
    Furious Success (Silver): Clear a Destination Quest without using field skills and items. (Spy Quests excluded)
    The Very Model of a Modern Mercenary (Silver): Clear a Destination Quest without engaging in battle! (Spy Quests excluded)

Additionally, there are five secret trophies:

    Golden Baku (Gold): You finally obtained a Golden Baku!
    Oops, My bad! (Bronze): Attack an ally unit with an area-of-effect attack.
    Watch Your Step! (Bronze): Die by stepping on a hazard.
    Yum, Yum, Yum! (Bronze): An ally was eaten by a Slime.
    Stylish (Bronze): Equip glasses on one of your units.
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