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Easy "Brundle-meep" trophy

Drag a Meep into the teleporter. While still holding the Meep, select another teleporter point and teleport to it.

Easy "Come Fly With Me" trophy

Collect a flower and add it to your pack. Then, grab a Meep and teleport it and yourself to a teleporter on a higher level. Drag it off the edge, open the flower, and float for ten seconds to get the "Come fly with me" trophy.

Easy "Hang Time" trophy

Obtain the glide leaf, then jump off the highest point possible. Press [Glide] and glide away from the star plant. You do not need to control your glide. After about ten minutes you will get a warning that you are running out of power. Turn around and head back to the star plant. Repeat the process as many times as needed to get the "Hang Time" trophy.

Easy "Redcow Robot" trophy

Grow the star plant over 1000m, and make sure you have a full flower in your pack. Jump from slightly over 1000m and target yourself to follow the star plant. When you get close to the ground, deploy your flower to avoid dying and get the "Redcow Robot" trophy.

Easy "Venus In Furs" trophy

Either find a Meep on one of the lower islands or the bottom island. Teleport it to the second major island, with the circular waterfall. Try to jetpack or drag it to one of the ledges of the mountain, or teleport a Meep to the seventh teleporter. Directly below the island the teleporter is on are two smaller islands with snapdragon plants. Drag the Meep into one of them to get the "Venus in furs" trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Galactic Gardener (Silver): Collected all star seeds.
    Houston, we have a solution (Bronze): Mission complete! You teleported a star seed home.
    Energizer Buddy (Silver): 100 Crystals collected.
    Green Fingers (Bronze): You have grown 50 star shoots.
    Green Toes (Bronze): Bounced on 50 Spring leaves.
    Hang Time (Bronze): Spent total 30 min gliding.
    Redcow Robot (Bronze): Freefall over 1000m and survive.
    Underground, Overground! (Bronze): You have discovered all caves in the game.
    Brundle-meep (Bronze): Teleport with a meep creature.
    Sheep dipper (Bronze): Drowned 3 defenceless meep creatures. You monster!
    Gas Leak (Bronze): Accumulated over 10 min airtime using rocket pack.
    Triple Corkscrew (Bronze): Have 3 STAR SHOOTS growing at the same time.
    1CARU5 (Bronze): Glide under all the rock arches.
    What, no Zombies? (Bronze): Make it through your first night.
    Shaken, not stirred (Bronze): Catch and collect a falling leaf glider in mid-air.
    Come fly with me (Bronze): Take a Meep creature for a flight for at least 10 seconds.
    Venus in furs (Bronze): Deliver a Meep creature to the jaws of the SNAPDRAGON plant.
    iiiiiiiinnnnn one! (Bronze): Make the Torro creature fall down the hole in the cave.
    Investment Account (Bronze): Complete the Data Bank sub mission.
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