Gryphon Knight Epic
Easy "Shut The Duck Up!" trophy

Collect the orange crystals and level up the duckling to Level 6 (maximum) to get the "Shut The Duck Up!" trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Gryphon Knight Epic (Platinum): Collect all trophies in Gryphon Knight Epic.
    Kneel as a squire... (Bronze): Complete the game on Squire difficulty.
    ... Rise as a knight... (Silver): Complete the game on Knight difficulty.
    ... Of epic deeds! (Gold): Complete the game on Epic difficulty.
    Fungicide (Bronze): Defeat TreeStache.
    A king humbled (Bronze): Defeat Simiel Totec.
    Never had an enemy like you! (Bronze): Defeat the Ifrit.
    Orion is your friend (Bronze): Defeat Zafira Faris.
    Csvuf! (Bronze): Defeat the Frogmoth.
    Brought to senses (Bronze): Defeat Eugenia Frischengust.
    It still counts as one! (Bronze): Defeat the Djur War Elephant.
    I'm the strongest... (Bronze): Defeat Asterion Hornedson.
    I shall pass... (Bronze): Defeat the Giant.
    You can't create friends... (Bronze): Defeat Dawid Melekh.
    This is the second biggest one-eyed Kraken I have ever seen! (Bronze): Defeat the Kraken.
    Wrong after all (Bronze): Defeat Lorraine Learn.
    End of a legend! (Bronze): Defeat the Magical Stone Dragon.
    Katharizes... (Silver): Watch the secret ending.
    Quick and stunning (Bronze): Defeat 2000 enemies with the Crossbuster.
    Ranged swordsmanship (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies with the Qamar Sword.
    I'm just a guy with a bow (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies with the Muuk Bow.
    Precision is key (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies with the Kraft Staff.
    CHARGE!! (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies with the Skadi Lance.
    Promised hit (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies with the Eben Sling.
    Colorful breath (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies with the Ryunabbi Cannon.
    Drakaris! (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies with the Dragon Squire.
    Halloween is here (Bronze): Defeat 200 enemies with the Witch Coven Squire.
    Still better than twilight (Bronze): Absorb 100 HP using the Vampire Squire.
    That's what squires are for (Bronze): Use the Shield Squire protection 40 times.
    RICH! Do you hear me? RICH! (Silver): Collect 5000 gold in one stage.
    Big bang! (Bronze): Defeat 20 enemies with 1 bomb.
    All I can see is RED! (Bronze): Defeat 20 enemies with one Berserk Potion.
    Quick and nimble as he needs to be! (Bronze): Take no damage and kill 10 enemies while shrunk.
    Potion connoisseur (Bronze): Buy and use every Potion.
    I can hold my breath for 10 minutes! (Bronze): Find the Rune hidden in the Zafira Faris Stage.
    Can't touch this! (Bronze): Find the Rune hidden in the Simiel Totec Stage.
    My mind... it amazes me! (Bronze): Find the Rune hidden in the Eugenia Frischengust Stage.
    It's just a flesh wound! (Bronze): Find the Rune hidden in the Asterion Hornedson Stage.
    How ya doin'? (Bronze): Find the Rune hidden in the Dawid Melekh Stage.
    Quick as a bolt! (Bronze): Find the Rune hidden in the Lorraine Learn Stage.
    Power overwhelming! (Silver): Upgrade all weapons and runes to the maximum.
    I know that reference! (Bronze): Find and interact with all cameos.
    I don't need your fancy toys! (Silver): Defeat all bosses using only the Crossbuster.
    Congratulations! You beat the game... #not (Silver): Defeat the specter in the Tutorial Stage.
    Co-Co-Combo! (Bronze): Reach a 100 combo.
    Purist (Gold): Play through the entire game without buying any upgrades or items and using only the Crossbuster (Knight or Epic Difficulty).
    You're not the boss of me now! (Bronze): Defeat one boss with his own weapon.
    Gryphon speed! (Gold): Beat all stages of the game in less than 4 hours.
    Good listener (Bronze): Listen to all dialog from the Wizard and the Shopkeepper.
    Shut the duck up! (Bronze): Silence the duckling!
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