Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Gunscape Master (Platinum): Obtained all trophies in Gunscape!
    Builder (Bronze): Created first map.
    It's alive! (Bronze): Published first map.
    Kill em all (Bronze): Played first FFA DM game.
    I'm on your side! (Bronze): Played first Team DM game.
    Flag bearer (Bronze): Played first Team CTF game.
    Man with the Gun (Bronze): Played first Gun game.
    Contagious (Bronze): Played first Infection game.
    Terminated (Bronze): Killed first Mech-man.
    Dino Hunter (Bronze): Killed first T-Rex.
    Block em (Bronze): Placed first block.
    Centurion (Silver): Placed 100 blocks.
    Stonemason (Gold): Placed 10,000 blocks.
    Checkpoint! (Bronze): Placed first Checkpoint.
    Team playa (Bronze): Placed first CTF Flag.
    Voter (Bronze): Rated first map up.
    Hater (Bronze): Rated first map down.
    Newbie (Silver): Completed first Blowfish campaign map.
    Veteran (Gold): Completed the Blowfish campaign.
    Campaigner (Bronze): Built a multi-map campaign.
    First blood (Bronze): Killed first player.
    Serial killer (Gold): 1,000 player kills.
    Trapper (Silver): Killed 50 players with Speargun tripwire.
    Sniper (Silver): Killed 500 players with Gauss Rifle.
    Slip-n-slide (Bronze): Froze the ground and did a slide.
    Massacre (Silver): Killed 1,000 players with PFG.
    Boxer (Silver): Punched 50 players to death.
    Splatter (Silver): Killed 500 players with Dual Zhotguns.
    Assassin (Bronze): Backstabbed 5 players with a knife.
    Slice-n-dice (Silver): Killed 100 players with ID Disc.
    Burninator (Bronze): Killed 100 players with the Flamethrower.
    Marksman (Silver): Killed 1,000 players with the E-Bow.
    Champion (Bronze): Won 50 Deathmatch games.
    Flag runner (Bronze): Won 25 CTF games.
    Hazmat (Bronze): Won 25 Infection games.
    Survivor (Bronze): Won 25 Survival games.
    Engineer (Bronze): Programmed 5 Terminals.
    Architect (Silver): Published 20 maps.
    Flag hog (Bronze): Stole 25 flags.
    Mr Assist (Bronze): Returned 25 flags.
    Suicidal (Bronze): Killed yourself 50 times.
    Expendable (Bronze): Killed 100 AI enemies.
    Genocide (Silver): Killed 5,000 AI enemies.
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