Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    It's Full Of Stars (Gold): 3 Stars on Every Lesson.
    Improved (Silver): Earn your Freedom.
    Teacher's Pet (Silver): Ace Every Exam.
    Contractual Obligation (Bronze): Perform The Proper Heading Motion.
    Coulrophobia (Bronze): Pass Exam 3.
    Crane Operator (Bronze): Pass Exam 1.
    Die Already (Bronze): Pass Exam 2.
    I'm Super, Thanks for Asking (Bronze): Pass Exam 4.
    Misguided Marksman (Bronze): Hit large goal crossbar 3 times in a row.
    Occupied! (Bronze): Catch Robert in the Porta-Potty.
    Revenge! (Bronze): Hit the loudspeaker with a Ball.
    Splitting Headache! (Bronze): Hit Robert in the Head with a Knife Ball.
    Stay Hydrated! (Bronze): Receive the Snack Cart.
    Turkey! (Bronze): Bowl 3 Strikes In A Row.
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