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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The epitome of Super Earth (Platinum): Complete all trophies.
    Hell dive (Gold): Complete a difficulty 10 or higher mission without a single death.
    Making mountains out of molehills (Gold): Kill 100,000 enemies.
    Peace and prosperity reigns again (Gold): Complete at least one planet in a successful Galactic Campaign.
    Royal Roadkill (Gold): Kill a Bug or Illuminate assassination target by running it over with the APC or HAV.
    A shining inspiration to us all! (Gold): Achieve the rank of Grand Lord (Rank 25).
    The element of Supplies (Silver): Kill a Bug Tank with a Resupply stratagem Hellpod.
    Defender of Humanity (Silver): Take part in a successful defence of a capital city by completing at least one mission.
    Now that is what I would call a multi-kill! (Silver): Kill 7 enemies within a very short time using only your primary weapon.
    No man left behind (Silver): Extract from a difficulty 8 or higher mission with 4 players where all 4 gets on the shuttle.
    Never give up, never surrender (Silver): Use the Reinforce Stratagem while downed and the last Helldiver alive on a difficulty 8 or higher mission with 4 players.
    Back in time for tea (Silver): Complete a difficulty 4 or higher mission in 5 minutes or less.
    A molehill of corpses (Silver): Kill 10,000 enemies.
    Next time we meet, I'll probably have to salute you (Silver): Achieve the rank of Captain (Rank 13).
    Spreading Managed Democracy (Silver): Take part in a successful final assault on an enemy's home planet by completing at least one mission.
    Liberating the countryside (Silver): Complete all missions on a planet with difficulty 10 or higher.
    Solid Stealth Execution (Silver): Complete a difficulty 7 or higher mission without triggering any alarms.
    Don't you just hate escort missions? (Silver): Successfully complete an escort objective where all 4 NPCs survive.
    They call me Mr. Danmaku (Silver): Complete a difficulty 7 or higher mission against the Cyborgs without taking damage from any enemy.
    It's raining Hell, hallelujah! (Silver): Complete a mission using only Stratagems.
    80% of the time, I hit every time (Silver): Complete a mission with over 300 shots fired and 80% accuracy or better.
    Brothers in Arms (Bronze): Join another game through the matchmaking system.
    Which seat can I take? (Bronze): In a 4 player game, on a Friday, have all players sitting in an APC or HAV at the same time.
    You're it until you die or I find someone better (Bronze): Achieve the rank of Sergeant (Rank 7).
    The Helldiver's new clothes (Bronze): Customize your character.
    Join the Army they said (Bronze): Complete a mission.
    Meet interesting people they said (Bronze): Play at least once against all enemy races.
    See the Galaxy they said (Bronze): Play at least once on a desert, a forest, and a snow planet.
    That which doesn't kill you, scars you for life (Bronze): Finish the Training.
    Dancing Queen (Bronze): Do 25 capespins in a row, without moving, while on the ship bridge.
    When the wrong tools do the job, are they still wrong? (Bronze): Destroy a Bug Nest, Cyborg AA, or Illuminate Beacon with anything but the NUX-223 Hellbomb.
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