Here They Lie

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Cold Blooded (Silver): Let all The Others die in the theater scene.
    Hexanecrosis (Silver): Die more than 5 times while playing through the game.
    Nihilist (Silver): Smash Buddy in the Mirror.
    Optimist (Silver): Save Buddy from the mirror.
    Storied (Silver): Read all the notes that can be read while playing through the game.
    The Lost (Silver): Listening to all the vox pops that can be listened to while playing through the game.
    Tribute (Silver): Complete the Station portion of the game.
    Bellows (Bronze): Complete the Narrows and escape to the bridge portion of the game.
    Bridge (Bronze): Complete the Bridge and decide the followers fate portion of the game.
    Narrows (Bronze): Complete the Beginning Marketplace portion of the game.
    Palace (Bronze): Complete the City portion of the game.
    Terminal (Bronze): Complete the Beginning Train ride portion of the game.
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