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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Hohokquick (Hohokumnavigus Furius) (Gold): Complete the videogame Hohokum in under 60 minutes.
    Nutpopper's Regret (Popnutinus Minimus) (Bronze): Equalize all the popnuts in the popnut tree.
    Ragazzi del 99 (Gelatus purgutoria) (Silver): Pay a visit to the Ice Cream seller.
    Nutpopper's Delight (Popnutinus Maxia) (Silver): Equalize all the popnuts in the popnut forest.
    Clambound! (Bivalvia Claustraphobius) (Bronze): You were trapped inside the huge clam-like thing. Curious fronds tickling you the whole time.
    Les Croque Parabolique (Acrobaticus Sycamoria) (Bronze): Thanks to you all of the seed riders made it to the kite festival.
    Young Ognathologist (Ognadae Ognadae) (Bronze): Get a good look at an Ognapod.
    Celebrated Master of Ognapology (Ognadae Tetratetron) (Bronze): Find four different species of Ognapod.
    Ghoonpile (Ghoongollion Marginus) (Bronze): Make a nice stack of Ghoons.
    The Ostler's Daydream (Cumulus Velivolus) (Bronze): You saw a cloud that looks suspiciously like the skybeast from Poto and Cabenga.
    The Twilight Tickler (Bulblio Bulblio) (Bronze): Congratulations. You lit all the fairground lights without zapping anyone.
    Shame of the Scuttlers (Hermetica Ingloria) (Bronze): See a stark naked scuttler. Feel his shame.
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