Home: A Unique Horror Adventure

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    A close call (Bronze): Discard a deadly item.
    A terrible tragedy (Silver): Piece together what happened in the woods.
    A warm place (Silver): End your story in the bathroom.
    Cause and effect (Bronze): Be kind and see the results.
    Eraser (Silver): End your story in the kitchen.
    Escape route (Bronze): Investigate potential travel plans.
    Grim discovery (Bronze): Realize your worst fears.
    I like to remember things my own way (Bronze): Maybe this wasn't what you thought at all.
    Like it never even happened (Gold): Pick up nothing along the way.
    Secret documents (Bronze): Open the safe.
    Slipping away (Silver): End your your story by leaving.
    Stolen identity (Bronze): Recover the pieces of your wallet.
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