How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition

Corey Feldman Interview


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Discoverer III (Bronze): Enter Santa Barbara Island.
    Discoverer II (Bronze): Enter La Sonada Island.
    Discoverer I (Bronze): Enter La Vendida Island.
    Herbalist (Bronze): Find the 20 special plants of the Herbarium.
    Picky monkeys (Silver): Complete the 12 secondary quests of Kovac's monkeys.
    Easy survival (Silver): Complete the story mode in "Normal" difficulty.
    Unbreakable (Gold): Complete the story mode in "Iron Man" difficulty.
    Perfect run (Silver): Complete a challenge with a "S" ranking.
    Four-handed massacre (Bronze): Complete a local or online challenge with another player.
    Dead...again (Bronze): Achieve your first instant kill on a zombie.
    Survival veteran (Silver): Reach "Survival hobbyist" ranking tag. (Challenge mode).
    Level Up (Bronze): Unlock your first skill.
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