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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Earn all other trophies.
    Job Security (Bronze): You wil never be let go.
    Save the Whales (Bronze): Save a "whale" from an unfortunate end.
    Lemming Party (Bronze): Throw a "lemming" party.
    Flat-pack Factory (Silver): Solve "Training Routine 1" with a solution that is only one block tall.
    Power Couple (Silver): Solve "Shuttle Propulsion Units" with a solution that contains only two welders.
    Exploratory Drilling (Silver): Solve "Terminal Display Reclamation" with a solution that contains only two eviscerators.
    Subversive Engineering (Gold): Solve any puzzle in over 10,000 cycles.
    Optimization (Training Routine 1) (Silver): Solve "Training Routine 1" with a footprint of 50 or less.
    Optimization (Training Routine 5) (Silver): Solve "Training Routine 5" in 85 cycles or less.
    Optimization (Wave Detection Array) (Silver): Solve "Wave Detection Array" with a footprint of 100 or less.
    Optimization (Guided Javelin Type 1) (Silver): Solve "Guided Javelin Type 1" in 210 cycles or less.
    Optimization (Small Excavator) (Silver): Solve "Small Excavator" with a footprint of 135 or less.
    Optimization (Cargo Uplifter) (Silver): Solve "Cargo Uplifter" in 140 cycles or less.
    Optimization (Oversight Terminal Model 6) (Silver): Solve "Oversight Terminal Model 6" with a footprint of 95 or less.
    Optimization (Furnished Studio Apartment) (Silver): Solve "Furnished Studio Apartment" in 130 cycles or less.
    Optimization (Gneiss Chair) (Gold): Solve "Gneiss Chair" in 225 cycles or less.
    Optimization (Anti-javelin Point Defense) (Gold): Solve "Anti-javelin Point Defense" with a footprint of 255 or less.
    Optimization (Terrestrial Drone) (Gold): Solve "Terrestrial Drone" with a footprint of 300 or less.
    Optimization (Aerial Combat Shuttle) (Gold): Solve "Aerial Combat Shuttle" in 320 cycles or less.

Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

    Like an Ox! (Gold): That was a close call!
    Earthrise (Gold): Isn't it beautiful?
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