Infinity Runner



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Beyond Gold (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
    Baby Steps (Bronze): Run 500 metres.
    Meter Made (Bronze): Run 1000 metres.
    Prison Break (Bronze): Run 5000 metres.
    The Proclaimer (Bronze): Run 100,000 metres.
    From Paris to Berlin (Silver): Run 400,000 metres.
    Running on Empty (Bronze): Run 100 metres without collecting any data packets.
    The Running Man (Bronze): Run 250 metres without collecting any data packets.
    Cool Runnings (Bronze): Run 350 metres without collecting any data packets.
    First Data (Bronze): Collect 100 data packets.
    Nice Packet (Bronze): Collect 250 data packets.
    Data Miner (Bronze): Collect 500 data packets.
    Dire Straights (Bronze): Collect 1000 data packets.
    Terror Bite (Silver): Collect 6000 data packets.
    Valley Commando (Bronze): Win 10 fights.
    Bad Moon Rising (Bronze): Win 20 fights.
    Fur Covered Furry Fury (Silver): Win 50 fights.
    Pointless (Bronze): Score 15,000 points.
    Whats the Point? (Bronze): Score 30,000 points
    Points Mean Prizes (Bronze): Score 65,000 points.
    Prospect Point (Bronze): Score 125,000 points.
    To Infinity (Bronze): Score 250,000 points.
    ... and Beyond (Silver): Score 500,000 points.
    Informed (Bronze): Find 3 collectables.
    Infotainment (Bronze): Find 9 collectables.
    Data Hound with Espionage (Gold): Find all the collectables
    Event Horizon (Bronze): Watch a cutscene.
    Space Odyssey (Bronze): Watch all the cutscenes.
    What You Talkin' Bout Willis? (Bronze): Turn off subtitles.
    Aware Wolf (Bronze): Take a look at the powerups screen.
    Unleash The Beast (Bronze): Become a werewolf for the first time.
    Full Moon (Bronze): Find the Werewolf in the Docks.
    You Can Leave Your Hat On (Bronze): Get to the elevator.
    Air Wolf (Bronze): Wolf mode the space section.
    Silent Running (Bronze): Turn the music off.
    Space, Planets and Variations There Of... (Bronze): Beat the boss.
    In Space, No One Can Hear You Howl (Silver): Complete the game.
    Moon Walk (Bronze): First time in a gravity well.
    Silver Bullet (Bronze): Die in wolf mode.
    Bark at the Moon (Bronze): Complete the first set of challenges.
    Spaced Out (Bronze): Get to an outdoor section.
    She Doesn't Have the Power (Bronze): Complete Engineering.
    Soap on a Rope (Bronze): Complete Brig.
    Hanging in There (Bronze): Complete Docks.
    Training Day (Bronze): Complete Monorail.
    Outta Space (Bronze): Complete Ship Exterior.
    Looks Like I Have The Con (Bronze): Complete Bridge.
    Back to Nature (Bronze): Complete Bio Dome.
    Grease Money (Bronze): Complete Engineering on Hard.
    Hard Time (Bronze): Complete the Brig on Hard.
    Dock with Orange Sauce (Bronze): Complete the Docks on Hard.
    Crossing The Line (Bronze): Complete the Monorail on Hard.
    Out and Proud (Bronze): Complete the Ship Exterior on Hard.
    Bridge Over Troubled Water (Bronze): Complete the Bridge on Hard.
    Got Wood? (Bronze): Complete the Bio Dome on Hard.
    Bigger, Faster, Stronger (Gold): Reach maximum wolf level.
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