Job Simulator

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Proprietor (Gold): Earn every trophy in Job Simulator .
    Culinary Completionist (Gold): Finish the Gourmet Chef job .
    Maniac Mechanic (Gold): Finish the Auto Mechanic job.
    Champion of Convenience (Gold): Finish the Store Clerk job.
    Cubicle Cowboy (Gold): Finish the Office Worker job.
    Job Genie (Gold): Play any job with a Job Genie cartridge.
    Soupception (Gold): Make soup with soup in it.
    You Monster (Gold): Shred the JobBot toy in the Office Worker job.
    Give Yourself A Hand (Gold): Grab the hidden glove in the Auto Mechanic job.
    Lucky Winner (Gold): Scratch off a winning lottery ticket in the Store Clerk job.
    Giving Back (Gold): Hit JobBot with any item in the Museum.
    Know Your Maker (Gold): Read through the credits.
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