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Final Story

Collect all Xehanort Reports with each character and complete their story modes to unlock the Final Story.

Trinity Archives option

Successfully complete Story mode with any character to unlock the "Trinity Archives" option.

Trinity Archives trophies

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy in the "Trinity Archives" menu:

    Arena Sweeper: Successfully complete every quest.
    Clockwork: Accumulate 80 hours of game play time.
    Dairy Devotee: Activate Frozen Fortune thirty times.
    In the Munny: Have 33,333 munny.
    Keyslinger: Take out 9,999 Unversed.
    One Down: Successfully complete any character's story.
    Power Walker: Take 99,999 steps.
    Trinity Trophy: Successfully complete all stories in Proud mode or better.

Blank Points preview

Successfully complete all of the following tasks to unlock a preview of the next game in the series. Successfully complete the Final Story in Critical, Proud, and Standard modes, and have a 100% Xehanort Reports completion in Standard mode. The preview will appear at the end of the game.

Fight against Lingering Spirit Vanitas

Successfully complete the Final Story to fight Lingering Spirit Vanitas during Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's Story.

Fight against Mysterious Figure

Defeat Lingering Spirit Vanitas at Keyblade Graveyard to fight the Mysterious Figure during Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's Story.

Mysterious Figure

Defeat Vanita's Sentiment to unlock the Mysterious Figure in the Land Of Departure.

No Name Keyblade

Defeat the Mysterious Figure in the Land Of Departure to unlock the No Name Keyblade.

Vanitas's Keyblade

Successfully complete the stories of all three characters, then defeat Vanitas's Lingering Sentiment in the Badlands Of The Keyblade Graveyard to unlock Vanitas's Keyblade.

Strongest Shotlock

Reach Level 29 in the Mirage Arena, and the Strongest Shotlock will appear in your inventory.

Ultima Weapon

Reach Level 30 in the Mirage Arena, and successfully complete the final arena challenge, Arena's Ruler. Then, the Ultima Weapon will appear in your inventory.

Mastering D-links

To level D-links, you must first use it and kill enemies until a star-shaped item is dropped. Two of these are required to completely master a D-link.

Gaining abilities

Abilities such as Last Chance, Combo Boost, and HP Boost can be obtained through Command Fusion. You must combine two commands and add an item, which will give the command an ability to learn. For example, if you combine Cura and Cura, and also add a Rise Crystal, the result will be a Curaga command with the "Air Combo Boost" ability. Once you master the Curaga command, the "Air Combo Boost" ability will still be available even if you unequip the command.

Mirage Arena Command Boards

In each character's story, you will have the option to visit the Mirage Arena. In addition to Rumble Racing and Battle Arena, you can play on the Command Boards. You will unlock more Command Boards as you progress through your story. By the end, six Command Boards will be unlocked. You will have to play and win all six Command Boards to unlock the seventh Command Board, Secret Board. If you want to reach Arena level 30, you must play and win all seven Command Boards.

Defeating Gantu

In Aqua's story in Deep Space, you will encounter Gantu several times. The final battle with him happens when you find Experiment 626 and Dr. Jumba. Stay close to him during the battle. Gantu shoots his gun most of the time, which will not hit you if you are very close, landing combos. When he dashes, follow him, and repeat the process.

Xehanort Report locations

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding report:

Xehanort's LetterVentusSuccessfully complete the Land Of Departure
Report 1VentusIn a chest located in Deep Space, Sortie Deck
Report 2TerraSuccessfully complete the Radiant Garden
Report 3AquaIn a chest in Merlin’s house, Radiant Garden
Report 4AquaSuccessfully complete the Mysterious Tower
Report 5TerraSuccessfully complete the Prison Guard Challenge in the Mirage Arena
Report 6AquaSuccessfully complete the Enchanted Dominion
Report 7AquaSuccessfully complete Aqua's Story
Report 8TerraSuccessfully complete the Land Of Departure, which is done near the end of the story
Report 9VentusAutomatically obtained during an event at Disney Town
Report 10VentusSuccessfully complete Ventus' Story
Report 11TerraSuccessfully complete Terra's Story
Report 12VentusIn a chest at the Keyblade Graveyard, in an empty area behind the starting spawn point


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Critical Competitor (Gold): Clear game on Critical.
    Savage Slayer (Silver): Complete all Unversed battle missions with the highest rank.
    Collector (Silver): Collect all stickers.
    The Adventurer: Terra (Bronze): Complete Reports with Terra.
    The Adventurer: Ventus (Bronze): Complete Reports with Ventus.
    The Adventurer: Aqua (Bronze): Complete Reports with Aqua.
    Perfect Shot (Bronze): Use Shotlock 50 times.
    Justice & Dark (Bronze): Use the Pete D-Link 10 times.
    D.J. (Bronze): Use the Rhythm Mixer Command Style 20 times.
    The Warrior: Terra (Bronze): Learn all of Terra's Finish Commands.
    The Warrior: Ventus (Bronze): Learn all of Ventus's Finish Commands.
    The Warrior: Aqua (Bronze): Learn all of Aqua's Finish Commands.
    Musclehead (Bronze): Unleash Break Time with Terra.
    B-Boy (Bronze): Unleash Break Time with Ventus.
    Majorette (Bronze): Unleash Break Time with Aqua.
    Pâtissier (Bronze): Create all flavors of ice cream.
    Command Board Conqueror (Bronze): Win each playable Command Board.
    Maestro (Bronze): Obtain a Fantastic rating for each song in Ice Cream Beat Master Mode.
    Rapid Racer (Bronze): Finish first in all Rumble Racing courses.
    Fantasista (Bronze): Beat all opponents in Fruitball.
    The Journey Begins (Bronze): Clear the prologue, "The Land of Departure."
    Pursuit of Truth (Bronze): Clear the Mysterious Tower episode of Terra's story.
    Defying Darkness (Bronze): Clear the Disney Town episode of Terra's story.
    Entrusting Power (Bronze): Clear the Destiny Islands episode of Terra's story.
    Encounters (Bronze): Clear the Badlands episode of Ventus's story.
    A Moment of Rest (Bronze): Clear the Disney Town episode of Ventus's story.
    A Friend in Need (Bronze): Clear the Mysterious Tower episode of Ventus's story.
    Drifting Apart (Bronze): Clear the Radiant Garden episode of Aqua's story.
    Hopeful Hearts (Bronze): Clear the Destiny Islands episode of Aqua's story.
    Pawn of the Arena (Bronze): Complete all one-star missions in the Mirage Arena.
    Knight of the Arena (Bronze): Complete all two-star missions in the Mirage Arena.
    Queen of the Arena (Bronze): Complete all three-star missions in the Mirage Arena.
    King of the Arena (Bronze): Complete all four-star missions in the Mirage Arena.
    Keepers of the Arena (Bronze): Win the Keepers of the Arena battle in the Mirage Arena.
    Villains' Vendetta (Bronze): Win the Villains' Vendetta battle in the Mirage Arena.

Additionally, there are 11 secret trophies:

    Birth by Sleep Master (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
    The Lost Chapter (Gold): Complete the secret episode.
    The Vessel (Silver): Clear Terra's story mode.
    The Dormant (Silver): Clear Ventus's story mode.
    The Seeker (Silver): Clear Aqua's story mode.
    Connected Hearts (Silver): Complete the final episode.
    A Mere Shell (Silver): Defeat the Vanitas Remnant.
    Time's Teller (Silver): Defeat the Unknown.
    Darkness's Will (Silver): Defeat No Heart.
    Light's Will (Silver): Defeat Armor of Eraqus.
    Profiler (Silver): Collect all Secret Reports.
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