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Display frame data

At the main menu, press DB (down/back), Right, DF (down/forward), Down, DB, Left, DF, then press X (Light Kick) + Triangle (Heavy Punch). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound and there will be a white flash. The frame information will now be displayed next to each key pressed in "Training" and visible in "Replay Data" modes. Note: The code will fail if another direction other than DB is pressed first at the main menu or if any other buttons than the specified ones are pressed during the code input. Additionally, this code is not saved. You must enter it each time you start a new game.

Destroyed Arena stage

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the Destroyed Arena stage in other modes.

Bonus characters

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Antonov and Verse.

Fateful Battle music

Have the following fights occur between the indicated characters in any mode other than Trial and Tutorial to trigger special theme music during the round and unlock it under "Gallery":

    "A Kiss For Geese" Cyber Edit Mix -KoF XIV Ver-: Ryo Sakazaki vs. Geese Howard
    "LONDON MARCH" -KoF XIV Ver-: Billy vs. Hein
    "PASTA" -KoF XIV Ver-: Andy vs. Tung Fu Rue
    Ice Place -KOF XIV Ver.-: Kula vs. Angel
    IKARI -KOF XIV Ver.-: Ralf vs. Clark
    Kurikinton Flavor: Anyone (except for Geese) vs. Terry Bogard on the "Transcontinental Railroad" stage
    Micha Iya! -KOF XIV Ver.-: Ryo vs. King
    New Order -KOF XIV Ver.-: Kyo vs. Iori
    Seoul Road -KOF XIV Ver.-: Kim vs. Chang or Kim vs. Choi
    Soy Sauce for Geese -KOF XIV Ver.-: Terry vs. Geese
    Tachi Bou Ke: Athena vs. Kensou

Reward Illustrations

Successfully complete Story mode with the indicated combination of fighters to unlock special artwork in Gallery mode. The artwork will first appear after the credits.

    Artwork 001: Geese, Terry, Shun'ei (Tung's Disciples Team)
    Artwork 002: Kula, Sylvie, Angel (NESTS Girls)
    Artwork 003: Alice, Muimui, Love Heart ("The Lucky Sevens" Team)
    Artwork 004: Mai, Andy, Bandeiras (The Ninja Team)
    Artwork 005: Gang-Il, Chin, Tung (The Masters Team)
    Artwork 006: Robert, Joe, Ramon (We Are The Tigers!)
    Artwork 007: Muimui, Ryo, Kensou (Team Dragons)
    Artwork 008: Hein, Kukri, Luong (The Mysterious Newcomers)
    Artwork 009: KOD, Nakoruru, Zarina (The Birds? Team)
    Artwork 010: Athena, Kula, Nakoruru (Beautiful Longhair Team)


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    THE KING OF FIGHTERS (Platinum): All trophies acquired.
    No One Is Better Than Me (Gold): [RANKED MATCH] Win 100 times.
    Now... no one can stop me (Gold): [RANKED MATCH] Win 10 consecutive matches.
    Hey, Mr. #1 in Japan! (Silver): [RANKED MATCH] Win 50 times.
    I can handle this... by myself. (Silver): [FREE MATCH] Play SINGLE VS 100 times.
    Mission Complete! (Silver): [MISSION] Clear Time Attack within 4:00.00.
    Mukuro, Lurking in the Moonlight (Silver): [MISSION] Knock 30 or more people out in Survival.
    Old Bond (Silver): [FREE MATCH] Play TEAM VS 100 times.
    Onward to the Next Legend (Silver): [STORY] Clear using all teams (including boss and mid-boss).
    Peak Performance (Silver): [RANKED MATCH] Win 5 consecutive matches.
    Special talent agent!! (Silver): [MISSION] Clear 100 trials.
    Unshakable Trust (Silver): [FREE MATCH] Play PARTY VS 100 times.
    Welcome to My Museum (Silver): Unlock all gallery items.
    A BEAST OF PREY (Bronze): [FREE MATCH] Play SINGLE VS 50 times.
    A Good Match (Bronze): Share your first replay.
    Arch-Rivals by Blood (Bronze): Finish 10 versus battles.
    Aspirations (Bronze): [TUTORIAL] Clear all subjects.
    Combo Attacker (Bronze): Perform 50 SUPER CANCELS.
    Comrade (Bronze): [FREE MATCH] Play PARTY VS for the first time.
    Everybody's out to get me... (Bronze): [FREE MATCH] Play SINGLE VS for the first time.
    Ferocious Offense (Bronze): Perform 50 CLIMAX CANCELS.
    Full-Fledged (Bronze): Reach Rank 11 or higher.
    Graceful Attacker (Bronze): Perform 50 ADVANCED CANCELS.
    Hehe, fired up? (Bronze): [FIGHTING LIST] Receive your first FIGHT BONUS.
    Here We Go, Partner (Bronze): [FREE MATCH] Play TEAM VS 50 times.
    Hmph... An expected outcome! (Bronze): [STORY] Acquire rank S or above at the victory screen.
    International KOF League Room Creation Board Member (Bronze): Create 10 rooms.
    Item Collector (Bronze): Unlock all items.
    Kyokugen Style Dojo Online Branch (Bronze): [ONLINE TRAINING] Train with another player.
    Living Legend (Bronze): [STORY] Clear at computer level 5 with no continues.
    One hit! One kill! (Bronze): Perform 50 CLIMAX SUPER SPECIAL MOVES finishes.
    Perfect winner! (Bronze): Win 10 matches with a perfect.
    Power of the Champion (Bronze): [STORY] Defeat the mid-boss.
    Reliable Being (Bronze): [FREE MATCH] Play PARTY VS 50 times.
    Straight to the finish! (Bronze): Win 10 matches without losing a round.
    Student (Bronze): [TRAINING] Enter training mode for the first time.
    Sweet Taste of Victory (Bronze): [RANKED MATCH] Win for the first time.
    Synchronize your watches at 16:35. (Bronze): [MISSION] Clear Time Attack for the first time.
    Teamwork (Bronze): [FREE MATCH] Play TEAM VS for the first time.
    That settled it! (Bronze): Perform 50 MAX SUPER SPECIAL MOVES finishes.
    The Birth of a Legend (Bronze): [STORY] Clear for the first time.
    Title Collector (Bronze): Unlock all titles.
    Weep! Scream! And DIE! (Bronze): Perform 50 Rush attacks.
    When you look up at the moon, remember this. (Bronze): [MISSION] Knock 1 person out in Survival.
    Wow! (Bronze): Perform 50 SUPER SPECIAL MOVES finishes.
    Yay! Perfect! (Bronze): [STORY] Acquire rank SS at the victory screen.
    You're tough, aren't you! (Bronze): [MISSION] Clear 1 trial.
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