Kitten Squad

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Mission Accomplished (Bronze): Complete a story quest.
    Punchback (Bronze): Defeat the Sheep Puncher.
    Bounty Hunter (Bronze): Complete 3 bounty quests.
    Free Olivia (Bronze): Rescue Olivia from the imprisonment by Sealand.
    Locked and Loaded (Bronze): Collect and use every base weapon in the game.
    Kittens With Style (Bronze): Purchase at least one type of every customization.
    Friends of the Sea (Bronze): Rescue whales, dolphins, and sealions from Sealand.
    Looting Machine (Bronze): Loot at least 20,000 Kitten Coins.
    Friendly Sheep (Bronze): Rescue at least 100 sheep.
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