Kung Fu Panda: Showdown Of Legendary Legends

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    True Awesomeness (Platinum): Earn every Trophy in the game.
    Tournament Novice (Bronze): Beat Tournament of Legends with 6 Characters.
    Tournament Veteran (Silver): Beat Tournament of Legends with 12 Characters.
    Tournament Champion (Gold): Beat Tournament of Legends with 20 Characters.
    Valley Dweller (Bronze): Play 4 Different Levels.
    Wandering Warrior (Silver): Play 8 Different Levels.
    Master Traveler (Gold): Play 12 Different Levels.
    Level Zero (Silver): Complete all Tutorial Lessons.
    Practice Makes Awesome (Silver): Play Practice.
    Skadoosh (Silver): Use an Awesome Attack.
    No Charge for Awesomeness (Gold): Use 20 Different Awesome Attacks.
    Last Master Standing (Silver): Win 10 Stock Matches.
    Points Taken (Silver): Win 10 Timed Matches.
    Kung Fu'd It (Silver): Win 5 King of Kung Fu Matches.
    Master of Inner Peace (Silver): Win 5 Master of Inner Peace Matches.
    Hunger for Justice (Silver): Win 5 All You Can Eat Matches.
    Strength in Numbers (Silver): Win 10 Matches in Team Play.
    Oh Your Tenders (Gold): KO 1000 Opponents.
    Match Master (Silver): Win 50 Matches.
    Unstoppable Force (Silver): Win 100 Matches.
    True Mastery (Silver): Win 200 Matches.
    First Step to Awesomeness (Silver): Win an Online Match.
    The Student Becomes the Teacher (Silver): Reach Instructor Mantis Online Ranking.
    The Teacher Becomes the Master (Gold): Reach Master Mantis Online Ranking.
    Master Panda (Gold): Reach Master Panda Online Ranking.
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