The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game
Cheat codes

Pause the game and select the "Enter Code" option. Then, enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding character:

Ceremonial Robes Nya8755Q9
Garmadon In PajamasLLPQ6X
Highschool ColeSMMNCC
Highschool JayXVTULS
Highschool Zane5NHRS5
Mystery CharacterEFZ2XR
Polybag Lloyd (Kendo)H7HGT3
Sushi ChefKU92UG


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Grand Master of Trophies (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
    Grand Master of The Golden Art (Gold): Collect 200 Gold Bricks.
    Master of Challenges (Silver): Achieve Gold Medal status on each Challenge Dojo.
    Master of Collection (Silver): Attain True Ninja Rank 20.
    Master of Creation (Silver): Complete all Tornado of Creation Builds.
    Master of Disguise (Silver): Collect all Character Tokens.
    Master of Exploration (Silver): Complete all Side Quests.
    Master of Ninjago (Silver): Complete All Story Locations.
    Master of the Elements (Silver): Master your first Elemental Power.
    Master of The Golden Art (Silver): Collect 150 Gold Bricks.
    Master of the Red Arts (Silver): Collect all Ancient Scrolls.
    Master of Triple Digits (Silver): Reach a x100 Combo chain.
    Master of Upgrades (Silver): Collect all Ninjanuity Tokens.
    Apprentice of The Golden Art (Bronze): Collect 100 Gold Bricks.
    Master of Beasts (Bronze): Complete Location 8 - Ninjago City Downtown.
    Master of Completion (Bronze): Achieve 100% Completion.
    Master of Customization (Bronze): Create a Custom Character.
    Master of Dance (Bronze): Complete Location 6 - The Lost City of Generals.
    Master of Destruction (Bronze): Destroy Ninjago City.
    Master of Forgiveness (Bronze): Complete Location 3 - Ninjago City Docks.
    Master of Human Resources (Bronze): Defeat 20 Shark Army goons as Lord Garmadon in one session.
    Master of Machines (Bronze): Defeat Dojo Master - General Cryptor.
    Master of Mirrors (Bronze): Play as any Ninja and their Classic variant in the same party.
    Master of Missiles (Bronze): Complete Location 1 - Ninjago City North.
    Master of Modes (Bronze): Play each game mode in the Ninjago Battle Arenas.
    Master of Mystery (Bronze): Defeat Dojo Master - Morro.
    Master of Noodles (Bronze): Defeat Dojo Master - Master Chen.
    Master of Poultry (Bronze): Complete Training Dojo.
    Master of Power (Bronze): Use every powerup in the Ninjago Battle Arenas.
    Master of Regret (Bronze): Complete Location 2 - Ninjago City Beach.
    Master of Serpents (Bronze): Defeat Dojo Master - Pythor P. Chumsworth.
    Master of Shortcuts (Bronze): Complete Location 5 - The Dark Ravine.
    Master of Speed (Bronze): Complete all Races.
    Master of Stairs (Bronze): Complete Location 7 - The Unclimbable Mountain.
    Master of Stone (Bronze): Defeat Dojo Master - General Kozu.
    Master of Subordinates (Bronze): Defeat Dojo Master - General #1.
    Master of the Arena (Bronze): Play your first Ninjago Battle Arena match.
    Master of the Fallen (Bronze): Complete Location 4 - The Uncrossable Jungle.
    Master of the Sky (Bronze): Defeat Dojo Master - Nadakhan.
    Master of the Skyward Dragon (Bronze): Use The Art of The Skyward Dragon 20 Times.
    Master of Time (Bronze): Defeat Dojo Masters - Acronix and Krux.
    Novice of Collection (Bronze): Attain True Ninja Rank 1.
    Novice of The Golden Art (Bronze): Collect 5 Gold Bricks.
    Student of Collection (Bronze): Attain True Ninja Rank 10.
    Student of Creation (Bronze): Complete a Tornado of Creation Build.
    Student of Disguise (Bronze): Collect a Character Token.
    Student of Exploration (Bronze): Complete a Side Quest.
    Student of Speed (Bronze): Complete a Race.
    Student of The Golden Art (Bronze): Collect 50 Gold Bricks.
    Student of the Red Arts (Bronze): Collect an Ancient Scroll.
    Student of Upgrades (Bronze): Spend a Ninjanuity Token to purchase a Combat Upgrade.
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