Let's Sing 2016

Corey Feldman Interview


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Let's Sing 2016 legend (Platinum): Obtain all the Let's Sing 2016 trophies.
    Hello! (Bronze): Finish a song.
    Variety, the spice of life (Silver): Sing all the songs.
    Memory lapse? (Bronze): Start By Heart mode.
    Good luck! (Bronze): Start Expert mode.
    In tandem! (Bronze): Start Pass the mic mode.
    The perfect pair (Bronze): Start Duet mode.
    First to 20,000?! (Bronze): Start 20,000! mode.
    There can only be one winner (Bronze): Start Elimination mode.
    In The Bank (Bronze): Accumulate 50 VoxPoints.
    Wealthy (Silver): Accumulate 100 VoxPoints.
    Millionaire! (Gold): Accumulate 500 VoxPoints.
    Mid table (Bronze): Get between 50,000 and 51,000 points.
    Better to have too little than too much (Bronze): Get a score inferior to one point.
    Artist (Bronze): Get over 80,000 points.
    Star (Silver): Get over 100,000 points.
    Idol (Gold): Get over 120,000 points.
    Perfectionist (Silver): Get 500 'PERFECT'.
    Blindfold (Silver): Get 'PERFECT' only for the parts of a song with no lyrics in By Heart mode.
    Pro (Silver): Get 10 'PERFECT' in a row in Expert mode.
    Altogether now (Silver): Pass the mic 30 times in Pass the mic mode.
    We stick together! (Silver): Finish with a similar score to your partner in Duet mode.
    Quick start (Silver): Finish a song in 20,000! mode in under 60 seconds.
    Survive at all costs (Silver): Finish a song in Elimination mode.
    Private concert (Bronze): Finish 15 songs in a session.
    All that glitters is gold (Bronze): Hit all the golden notes in a song.
    Insert a token (Bronze): Listen to 10 songs in a row in Jukebox mode.
    Gold record (Bronze): Finish 40 songs.
    Platinum record (Silver): Finish 90 songs.
    Diamond record (Gold): Finish 150 songs.
    The good old days (Bronze): Sing 3 songs in a row from before 2008.
    Young (Bronze): Sing 5 songs in a row released after 2013.
    And... it's a wrap! (Bronze): View all the credits.
    Life is a carousel (Silver): Browse through the song covers 3 times in less than 20 seconds.
    Early days (Bronze): Unlock all the game modes for a song.
    Born for the stage (Gold): Unlock all the game modes for all songs.
    Shhh... (Bronze): Finish 5 songs without the vocals.
    Real purist (Silver): Finish a song in Expert mode without the vocals.
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