Loading Human

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Chapter 1

    Space Odyssey (Silver): Complete the game.
    Free to fly (Bronze): Complete Fragment 4.
    I need the code (Bronze): Complete Fragment 2.
    The beginning of the end (Bronze): Complete Fragment 1.
    The romance starts (Bronze): Complete Fragment 3.

Additionally, there are 11 secret trophies:

    Hot Night (Silver): Unlock the sex scene.
    Truth Seeker (Silver): Collect all the objects that tell stories (datapad, newspapers,...).
    Alice in Funnyland (Bronze): Pull Alice finger instead of give her the ring.
    Fireman (Bronze): Extinguish all the flames when the greenhouse is on fire.
    Hide & Peek (Bronze): Peek through the keyhole at lest once.
    I came prepared (Bronze): Give the right answers to both questions when you arrive at the base.
    I kiss like a man (Bronze): Kiss Alice after the fire.
    Loading Human (Bronze): Complete the tutorial.
    Perfect Blasteroids (Bronze): Destroy all asteroids with an accuracy greater than 50% in a round.
    Perfect Casimir (Bronze): Don't die while playing Casimir Sim for the first time.
    Perfect Stabilizer (Bronze): Do not make any mistakes in a round of Stabilizer.
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