Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Level 5 (Bronze): Reach Level 5.
    Level 10 (Bronze): Reach Level 10.
    Level 15 (Bronze): Reach Level 15.
    Level 20 (Bronze): Reach Level 20.
    Mass Murder (Silver): Get 50 kills against players.
    Broken In (Bronze): Play in matches for 10 hours.
    Seasoned Vet (Gold): Play in matches for 100 hours.
    This is my rifle... (Bronze): Create your first gun.
    Certificate of Participation (Bronze): Complete a campaign mission.
    Call to Action (Bronze): Complete 25 campaign missions.
    Intermission (Silver): Complete 50 campaign missions.
    Semi-Pro (Bronze): Play 50 games in the Arena.
    Crate Expectations (Silver): Pick up 20 crates.
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