Lords Of The Fallen


Legendary items

Successfully complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding legendary item:

Bloodsick: Loot from a chest in the "New Burial" chamber.

    Special Feature: Grows weaker each time you kill an enemy.
    Damage: 35
    Power: 100%
    Attack Speed: 114%
    Critical: 100%

Clawfinger Scythe: Kill Worshiper after he kills two of his own minions.

    Special Feature: One-handed heavy attack casts a demonic scythe.
    Damage: 42
    Power: 100%
    Energy: 170
    Attack Speed: 100%
    Critical: 100%

Commander Shield: Kill Commander without blocking a single attack.

    Special Feature: Creates three projectiles in the form of minor shields.
    Phys: 100
    Magic: 45
    Fire: 0
    Poise: 20
    Light: 0
    Defense: 12
    Poise: 12

Curse: Loot from a dead body in the "Old Quarters" area.

    Special Feature: Blocking attacks will replenish magic.
    Defense: 14
    Block Defense: 100%
    Poise: 46

Defender-I Buckler: Kill the fire-element Brother last.

    Special Feature: Reflect fire-damage for all blocked attacks.
    Physical: 100
    Magic: 50
    Fire: 100
    Poise: 70
    Light: 0
    Defense: 32
    Poise: 23

Defender-II Buckler: Kill the lightning-element Brother last.

    Special Feature: Reflect lightning-damage for all blocked attacks.
    Physical: 100
    Magic: 50
    Fire: 0
    Poise: 70
    Light: 100
    Defense: 32

Firewalker Shortsword: Kill Guardian without extinguishing any braziers.

    Special Feature: Deal fire-damage often.
    Damage: 33
    Power: 100%
    Energy: 150
    Attack Speed: 110%
    Critical: 100%

Lightning Hammer: Use a lightning-damage weapon to defeat the Annihilator.

    Special Feature: Get more power for two-handed lunging attacks.
    Damage: 150
    Power: 100%
    Energy: 230
    Attack Speed: 94%
    Critical: 100%

Persistence Greatsword: Kill the First Warden without taking any damage.

    Special Feature: One-handed heavy attack that causes a tremor.
    Damage: 50
    Power: 100%
    Energy: 190
    Attack Speed: 104%
    Critical: 90%

Stain Hammer: Kill Beast without getting poisoned.

    Special Feature: Two-handed heavy attack casts a Poison Pool.
    Damage: 94
    Power: 100%
    Energy: 180
    Attack Speed: 94%
    Critical: 100%

Stance: Provide Crippled Rhogar with fifteen Human Skulls.

Sting Fists: Kill Champion without him becoming enraged except during the three transition phases.

    Special Feature: At low health, it deals additional fire damage.
    Damage: 38
    Power: 100%
    Energy: 135
    Attack Speed: 90%
    Critical: 350%

Uras Polesword: Kill Infiltrator before the lanterns at the top of the room become lit.

    Special Feature: Heavy attacks create a healing pool.
    Damage: 33
    Power: 100%
    Energy: 160
    Attack Speed: 100%
    Critical: 100%


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Lords and Judges (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
    By the book (Gold): Find 60 audio notes.
    My private stash (Gold): Get 12 special weapons.
    Harkyn collection (Gold): Collected 20 armor sets.
    Way of the cleric (Silver): Complete the game as Cleric.
    Way of the rogue (Silver): Complete the game as Rogue.
    Way of the warrior (Silver): Complete the game as Warrior.
    Against all odds (Silver): Defeat any Boss without taking damage.
    Only after Disaster (Bronze): Defeat the Worshiper.
    Not a question of can or can't (Bronze): Defeat the Annihilator.
    Hard shell, soft core (Bronze): Defeat the Commander.
    Thousands of candles (Bronze): Defeat the Guardian.
    So that's a Lord! (Bronze): Defeat First Warden.
    No time for losers (Bronze): Defeat the Champion.
    Seal the gate (Bronze): Defeat the Infiltrator.
    Anger is a gift (Bronze): Defeat the Beast.
    Two against one (Bronze): Defeat Lost Brothers.
    He speaks in riddles (Bronze): Meet the Blacksmith.
    Treasure left alone (Bronze): Loot all Treasure Chambers.
    Are you not entertained? (Bronze): Complete all Proving Grounds.
    No one can hear you scream (Bronze): Complete all Infinite Voids.
    Strong with this one (Bronze): Unlock all spells for one class.
    Give him power (Bronze): Buy your first Attribute or Spell Point.
    It's bound to take your life (Bronze): Die for the first time.
    Myself again (Bronze): Retrieve lost experience by collecting your ghost.
    Bookworm (Bronze): Find a note that someone left behind.
    Extra strong (Silver): Upgrade the Health Potions.
    All in (Bronze): Defeat a boss with at least 20,000 unspent experience.
    Couldn't have done it myself (Bronze): Let a boss destroy the statue during fight.
    Good with weapons (Bronze): Collect all weapon types.
    Killing monsters (Bronze): Kill all types of enemies at least once.
    This! Is! Keystone! (Bronze): Kick an enemy into his death.

Additionally, there are 16 secret trophies:

    Harkyn collection (Silver): Collected 20 armor sets.
    Go breaking my heart (Silver): Collected 9 Tyrant Hearts.
    Human skull (Silver): Collected 25 Human Skulls.
    He who protects us (Bronze): Met Antanas.
    The real Lords starts here (Bronze): Entered the Rhogar realm.
    Shout at the gods (Bronze): Met Adyr.
    Now we're talking (Bronze): Found the Gauntlet.
    I feel lucky (Silver): Purified the sword of the unlucky grave robber.
    Fool of a Tuck (Bronze): Throw a corpse down the bottomless pit in Catacombs.
    Take my hand (Bronze): Cut off Monk's arm.
    I saw everything (Bronze): Entered 15 secret rooms.
    Do unto others... (Bronze): Killed the First Warden with the Warden Greatsword.
    She was the last woman here (Silver): Showed mercy to an imprisoned monster.
    God is dead (Bronze): Led humans to victory.
    Faith is weakness (Bronze): Led Rhogar to victory.
    Whole world in his hands (Bronze): Bring balance to both realms.
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