Manual Samuel



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    HOLY FECES! (Platinum): Unlock all the Trophies in Manual Samuel.
    #Hashtag (Gold): Found every hashtag.
    Golden Furniture (Gold): Got gold on every time trial .
    Good Job, Sam! (Gold): Completed Story Mode Single Player.
    Good Job, Sams! (Gold): Completed Story Mode Co-Op.
    No Refunds! (Gold): Completed Level 8.
    Take My Breath Away (Gold): Completed Sams house only breathing in 15 times.
    All In A Day's Work (Silver): Completed Level 6.
    Bad Everything Day (Silver): Completed Level 3.
    Carpoolin' (Silver): Completed Level 4.
    Feces Happen (Silver): Completed Level 1.
    No Child Left Behind (Silver): Completed Level 7.
    Ok Papa (Silver): Completed Level 5.
    Robocorpse (Silver): Killed every robot.
    Silver Spoon In His Mouth (Silver): Got silver or higher on every time trial.
    To Hell With Hell (Silver): Completed Level 2.
    Treat Yourself Twice A Day (Silver): Drank two cups of coffee.
    Blink 2000 Times For Yes (Bronze): Blinked 2000 times.
    Bronze Before Brains (Bronze): Got bronze or higher on every time trial.
    Character-Driven Story (Bronze): Watched all cinematics without skipping.
    Slow Down Dude! (Bronze): Drove 150 km per hour.
    Wordsmith (Bronze): Spoke perfectly.

Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

    ...Then Blew It Up (Bronze): Blew up Tony.
    Hippie Boy (Bronze): Went to work without shoes.
    Made Tony Open A Cafe... (Bronze): Tipped Tony.
    Piss Perfect (Bronze): Made no stains on yourself.
    Skip Right To The Action (Bronze): Skipped a cinematic.
    Stairway To The Living Room (Bronze): Didn't fall down the stairs.
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