Mark McMorris: Infinite Air



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Infinite Platinum (Platinum): Earn all other trophies in the game to unlock this platinum trophy.
    Freedom 25 (Gold): Win 25 competitions.
    Full Crew (Gold): Unlock all playable characters.
    Keep it 100 (Gold): Achieve all of the possible points in Circuit Mode.
    Bucket List (Silver): Play every run type.
    Competition Kid (Silver): Win 5 competitions.
    Danger Zone (Silver): Land a 1800 Quadruple cork.
    Hands On (Silver): Do 2 different grabs in one trick.
    One Step at a Time (Silver): Score 90 or better on a Slopestyle competition.
    Perfectionist (Silver): Land 7 different tricks perfectly in a row.
    Pipe Dream (Silver): Score 90 or better on a Halfpipe competition.
    Practice Makes Perfect (Silver): Complete the same run 10 times.
    Rail Game (Silver): Perform 100 rail tricks.
    Shred the Gnar (Silver): Score over 9000 on a Backcountry run or in Free Ride.
    Stomped It (Silver): Score 90 or better on a Big Air competition.
    Trickster (Silver): Perform 200 aerial tricks.
    And Now For My Next Trick (Bronze): Create and publish a Slopestyle run.
    Carpe Yolo (Bronze): Complete any Big Air run.
    Don't Call the Plumber (Bronze): Create and publish a Halfpipe run.
    Espresso (Bronze): Grind for a cumulative total of 1 minute.
    First Tracks (Bronze): Complete your first run.
    Flurry Road (Bronze): Complete any Slopestyle run.
    Hang 10 (Bronze): Accumulate a total of 10 minutes of hang time.
    Hey Buddy! (Bronze): Live Ride with another player.
    Immaculate (Bronze): Land 3 different tricks perfectly in a row.
    In Motion (Bronze): Complete any Backcountry run.
    Infinite Wear (Bronze): Customize your gear.
    Intermediate Boarder (Bronze): Unlock the fourth tier in Circuit Mode.
    Launchpad (Bronze): Create and publish a Big Air run.
    Natural Born Shredder (Bronze): Win your first competition.
    Novice Boarder (Bronze): Unlock the second tier in Circuit Mode.
    Pipeline (Bronze): Complete any Halfpipe run.
    Pro Boarder (Bronze): Unlock the final tier in Circuit Mode.
    Rookie Boarder (Bronze): Unlock the third tier in Circuit Mode.
    Semi-Pro Boarder (Bronze): Unlock the fifth tier in Circuit Mode.
    Send It (Bronze): Publish your first replay from Free Ride.
    Shredonomics 101 (Bronze): Complete any tutorial lesson.
    Spin Doctor (Bronze): Land a 1440 Triple Cork.
    Swag! (Bronze): Unlock an item on the Circuit.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

    Hail to the Quinoa (Silver): Beat Mark McMorris at his own game.
    Shreddy Krueger (Silver): Complete 50 different runs.
    Get to the Choppa! (Bronze): Fly the helicopter a total of 50 miles.
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