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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Perfect Ninja (Platinum): Acquired all the trophies.
    Power Squad (Gold): [Battle] Won 100 Combat Battles.
    Ninja Incarnate (Gold): [Battle] Won 100 Flag Battles.
    Ruler of the Battlefield (Gold): [Battle] Won 100 Base Battles.
    To Greater Heights (Silver): Completed all VR Missions.
    Professor (Silver): Learned every Ninjutsu.
    Veteran Ninja (Silver): [Battle] Took part in 1000 battles.
    Fighter of All Trades (Silver): [Battle] Completed 100 battles as an Attack Type.
    Grasping the Horizon (Silver): [Battle] Completed 100 battles as a Ranged Type.
    Proudly Impenetrable (Silver): [Battle] Completed 100 battles as a Defense Type.
    Healing Hands (Silver): [Battle] Completed 100 battles as a Heal Type.
    Rare Connoisseur (Silver): Appraised 500 scrolls.
    Elite Squad (Bronze): [Battle] Won 10 Combat Battles.
    Exam Passed! (Bronze): [Battle] Won 10 Flag Battles.
    Guardian of the Battlefield (Bronze): [Battle] Won 10 Base Battles.
    Secret Technique Unleashed! (Bronze): Activated 10 Secret Technique Ninjutsu.
    Up and Coming Ninja (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Basic Training.
    Scroll Appraiser (Bronze): Appraised 50 scrolls.

Additionally, there are 30 secret trophies:

    Teamwork! (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed the Bell-Stealing Exercise.
    Found a Rare...Thing? (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Kakashi's Special Mission.
    Youth Personified! (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Free Practice of Passionate Youth!
    Fake Sleeper (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Gamabunta in Peril!
    Inheriting the Will of the Flame (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Destruction of the Leaf.
    One Fell Swoop (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed A Tense Pursuit.
    After-Party (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Welcome to My Art Exhibit!
    The Snake's Skin (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Hidden Leaf Forest Night Terrors.
    Overcoming Pain (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Storming the Akatsuki Fortress.
    Catching the Monster Fish (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed The Inescapable Water Prison.
    Women in Love are Strong! (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Byakugan.
    It's a Rap (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Checka-Checka-Check It Out!♪
    Sharingan Defeated! (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed Uchiha Power.
    Another Rival (Bronze): [VR Missions] Completed It's Training Time!
    Light as a Brushstroke (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Sai's Training Rank to 5.
    Ninja Leader (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Kakashi's Training Rank to 5.
    Endless Youth (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Rock Lee's Training Rank to 5.
    Tactician on the Veranda (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Shikamaru's Training Rank to 5.
    Glutton Party (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Choji's Training Rank to 5.
    Next to the Sunlight (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Hinata's Training Rank to 5.
    The True Meaning of Love (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Gaara's Training Rank to 5.
    Ready to Explode (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Deidara's Training Rank to 5.
    Monster Fish Assault (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Kisame's Training Rank to 5.
    He Who Knows Pain (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Pain's Training Rank to 5.
    Ladder to the Future (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Itachi's Training Rank to 5.
    The Self-Seeker (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Kabuto's Training Rank to 5.
    A Bridge of Bonds (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Konan's Training Rank to 5.
    Hidden Leaf: The Next Generation (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Boruto's Training Rank to 5.
    Scion of the Uchiha (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Sarada's Training Rank to 5.
    Moon in the Darkness (Bronze): [VR Master] Raised Mitsuki's Training Rank to 5.
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