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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Retirement (Platinum): Earn all bronze, silver, and gold trophies.
    Career Champion (Gold): Win the Sprint Cup in Career.
    Member Of The Elite (Gold): Earn Player Level Elite.
    Career Veteran (Silver): Finish a 2nd season in Career.
    King Of The Hill (Silver): Complete all challenges.
    Long Live The King (Silver): Win 200 races.
    Racing Elite (Silver): Earn a speed rating of Elite at any track.
    V For Victory (Silver): Earn Player Level 5.
    All I Do Is Win (Bronze): Win 25 races.
    Best At All The Rest (Bronze): Achieve a win at every speedway track.
    Challenge Accepted (Bronze): Unlock a challenge.
    Challenge Accomplished (Bronze): Complete a challenge.
    Challenge! (Bronze): Unlock half of the challenges.
    Checkered Flag (Bronze): Win a race.
    Done Unlocking (Bronze): Unlock all tracks.
    Earn A Little Extra (Bronze): Earn money from a secondary sponsor.
    Endurance Champion (Bronze): Win a 100% length race.
    Established Competitor (Bronze): Win a race in Career.
    Force To Be Reckoned With (Bronze): Complete half of the challenges.
    Franchise Racer (Bronze): Sign with a primary sponsor.
    Fully Sponsored (Bronze): Unlock all secondary sponsor slots.
    Fully Upgraded (Bronze): Purchase all upgrades.
    Hall Of Famer (Bronze): Race 100 races.
    Legend (Bronze): Race 200 races.
    Leveling Up (Bronze): Earn Player Level 2.
    Millionaire (Bronze): Earn $1,000,000.
    Movin' On Up (Bronze): Win 10 races.
    No Longer Rusty (Bronze): Win 56 races.
    Not Intimidated (Bronze): Win 77 races.
    Online Rookie (Bronze): Complete a Multiplayer race.
    Online Victory (Bronze): Win a Multiplayer race.
    Over The Rainbow (Bronze): Win 94 races.
    Points Afficiando (Bronze): Earn 500,000 speed points.
    Points Collector (Bronze): Earn 100,000 speed points.
    Points Fan (Bronze): Earn 10,000 speed points.
    Pro (Bronze): Race 25 races.
    Proven Champion (Bronze): Win a season.
    Racing at 100% (Bronze): Earn a speed rating of 100 or better at any track.
    Racing At 90% (Bronze): Earn a speed rating of 90 or better at any track.
    Racing At 95% (Bronze): Earn a speed rating of 95 or better at any track.
    Road Warrior (Bronze): Achieve a win at every road course track.
    Rookie (Bronze): Race 10 races.
    Rookie No More (Bronze): Finish a season in Career.
    Short And Sweet (Bronze): Achieve a win at every short track.
    Small Step (Bronze): Start a season.
    Sprint Cup Champion (Bronze): Win the Sprint Cup.
    State Of The Art Garage (Bronze): Purchase all facility upgrades.
    Super Speedsters (Bronze): Achieve a win at every super speedway track.
    Take On All Challengers (Bronze): Unlock all challenges.
    Test Of Endurance (Bronze): Complete a 100% length race.
    Tour The Tracks (Bronze): Complete a race at every track.
    Tweak It Just A Little (Bronze): Purchase an upgrade.
    Veteran (Bronze): Race 50 races.
    Who Am I? (Bronze): Create a character in Career.
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