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True ending

Defeat the final Boss to view the normal ending. Save the game, then load the completed saved game to resume at the final chapter with more scenarios available. Successfully complete all of them, then defeat the final Boss again to view the true ending.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Yoru no Naikuni (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
    Summon Beginner (Bronze): Summon familiar for the first time.
    Summon Expert (Bronze): Summon familiar for 100 times.
    Summon Master (Bronze): Summon familiar for 1,000 times.
    Please Accept! (Bronze): Director familiar for the first time.
    Let's Go! (Bronze): Directed familiar for 100 times.
    Commander! (Bronze): Director familiar for 1,000 times.
    Come on my Brother! (Bronze): Done actualizing for the first time.
    Familiar Breeder (Bronze): Done actualizing 40 familiar.
    Actualize Master (Bronze): Done actualizing 80 familiar.
    Fledgling Marchant (Bronze): Trade for the first time.
    Trade Fan (Bronze): Manage 50% trade area.
    World Domination! (Silver): Manage all trade area.
    First Request (Bronze): Done any request for the first time.
    Sucker (Bronze): Done 100 requests.
    Handy Woman (Silver): Done 300 requests.
    Demanding Task (Bronze): Clear any task in Colosseum for the first time.
    Battle Freak (Bronze): Clear 50% tasks in Colosseum.
    Colosseum Queen (Gold): Clear all tasks in Colosseum.
    Familiar Collector (Bronze): Unlock 50% of the familiar library.
    Familiar Lover (Bronze): Unlock 100% of the familiar library.
    Item Aggregator (Bronze): Unlock 50% of the item library.
    Item Mania (Silver): Unlock 100% of the item library.
    Chain Begginer (Bronze): Get a 100 chain combo.
    Chain Expert (Bronze): Get a 300 chain combo.
    Chain Master (Silver): Get a 500 chain combo.
    Devil Beater (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies.
    Devil Hunter (Bronze): Kill 1,000 enemies.
    Devil Slayer (Silver): Kill 10,000 enemies.
    Reliable Companion (Silver): Any familiar reached max level.
    Excellent Agent (Silver): Anders reached max level.

Additionally, there are 18 secret trophies:

    Fullblown Thorn (Bronze): Defeat Blueblood Dragon.
    Innocent Toy (Bronze): Defeat Blueblood Toy.
    Defeat Blueblood Toy. (Bronze): Defeat Blueblood Count.
    Chaste Reaper (Bronze): Defeat Blueblood Reaper.
    Heavy Wall (Bronze): Defeat Blueblood Stonedragon.
    Royal Guard (Bronze): Defeat Coalin.
    Sorrowful Night (Bronze): Defeat Roodgate.
    Blooded Lady (Bronze): Defeat Mistral.
    Aloofness Player (Bronze): Defeat Christforoth.
    Her Decision (Silver): Saw any endings.
    I'm home! (Gold): Saw extra ending.
    Blaze Demon (Bronze): Transformed into the 'Demonic form'.
    Moon Rabit (Bronze): Transformed into the 'Lunarabit form'.
    Phantom Magician (Bronze): Transformed into the 'Phantom form'.
    Iron Cavalry (Bronze): Transformed into the 'Iron knight form'.
    Nightmare Queen (Bronze): Transformed into the 'Nightmare form'.
    Magical Flute (Bronze): Capture any dungeon with equipping 'Hamelin pipe'.
    Fragile Edge (Bronze): Capture any dungeon with equipping 'Glass edge'.
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