Nitro+ Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Infinite Blasterz (Platinum): You earned all other trophies.
    Story mode Opening (Bronze): [STORY] View the opening movie.
    Story mode Stage 3 (Bronze): [STORY] Complete Stage 3.
    Story mode Stage 5 (Bronze): [STORY] Complete Stage 5.
    Story mode Stage 7 (Bronze): [STORY] Complete Stage 7.
    Story mode Cleared (Silver): [STORY] Defat the final boss.
    Let Us Start a Story (Bronze): [ANOTHER STORY] Complete Episode 00.
    An Era of Mystery (Bronze): [ANOTHER STORY] Complete Episode 03.
    Yog Sothoth's loop (Bronze): [ANOTHER STORY] Complete Episode 05.
    Investigator (Bronze): [ANOTHER STORY] Complete Episode 09.
    Last Void (Silver): [ANOTHER STORY] Complete Episode 10
    Haven't Danced Enough? (Bronze): [TRAINING] Train for 5 minutes straight.
    Counter Raid (Bronze): Performed a Counter Raid 3 times. (Offline only)
    Vanishing Guard (Bronze): Blocked an attack with Vanishing Guard 3 times. (Mid-Air or Ground. Offline only)
    Guard Crash (Bronze): Heavy Action: Held down the button long enough to trigger a Guard Crash 3 times. (Offline only)
    Foot Sweep (Bronze): Heavy Action: Hit the enemy with a foot sweep 3 times. (Offline only)
    Quick Combo (Bronze): Quick Combo: Hit the enemy with an A attack, B attack, and C attack in a row. (Offline only)
    I See Right Through You! (Bronze): Escape Action: Performed a front dodge/mid-air dodge 3 times. (Offline only)
    Hop to It (Bronze): Escape Action: Performed a small jump then hit the enemy with a jump attack. (Offline only)
    Guess We Should Get Going (Bronze): Escape Action: Cancelled attack and performed an escape action 3 times. (Offline only)
    That Wasn't So Bad! (Bronze): Performed a Break-Fall or Mid-Air Recovery 3 times. (Offline only)
    Such Wishful Thinking (Bronze): Cancelled throw and performed an escape action 3 times. (Mid-Air or Ground. Offline only)
    I Can Read You (Bronze): Performed a Throw Escape 3 times. (Mid-Air or Ground. Offline only)
    Over Here! (Bronze): Performed a Partner Blitz 3 times. (Offline only)
    Back Me Up (Bronze): Cancelled attack and performed a Partner Blitz 3 times. (Offline only)
    You FOOOOOOL! (Bronze): Performed an Infinite Blast while guarding or being attacked 3 times. (Offline only)
    Checkmate (Bronze): Cancelled attack and performed an Infinite Blast 3 times. (Offline only)
    Counter (Bronze): Triggered a Counter 3 times. (Offline only)
    Variable Rush (Bronze): Defeat your opponent with a Variable Rush. (Offline only)
    Enforcement Mode :Lethal Eliminator (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Akane Tsunemori's Eliminator. (Offline only)
    10+ Types of Moves (Silver): Used more than 10 types of moves in 1 combo. (Offline only)
    150Hits (Silver): Performed more than 150 hits in 1 combo. (Offline only)
    5-Gauge Combo (Silver): Used both Variable Rush and Lethal Blaze in 1 combo. (Offline only)
    Let's Dance Together (Silver): Used an Infinite Blast and 2 partners in 1 combo. (Offline only)
    Partners Complete (Silver): Used all partners. (Offline only)
    I Will Kill You (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Ein's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)
    Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Mora's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)
    Lán líng wáng (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Ruili's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)
    Thirst Not! Hunger Not! Return to the Void! (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Al Azif's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)
    This Is the Beginning of a New World (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Saya's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)
    Anor, Noblest of the Edge (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Ignis's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)
    Anna! We're in Trouble! (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Anna's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)
    Railgun MAGATSU (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Muramasa the 3rd's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)
    Feeling Wonderful! (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Ethica Kibanohara's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)
    Excalibur (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Saber's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)
    We Only Need One Heroine Here (Bronze): KO-ed the enemy with Ouka's Lethal Blaze. (Offline only)

Additionally, there are five secret trophies:

    Story mode Full Clear (Gold): [STORY] Defeat the final boss with all characters.
    Its Name Is Fear (Silver): [SCORE ATTACK] Meet the last boss.
    Looks Like You Lose (Silver): KO-ed the enemy with Ein's Colt Python. (Offline only)
    Child's Play (Silver): KO-ed the enemy with Mora's Child's Play. (Offline only)
    Ultra Miracle (Gold): Dealt more than 12000 damage in 1 combo. (Offline only)
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