Organic Panic

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Adventure Trophy (Bronze): Complete every level in Adventure mode.
    Bonus Trophy (Bronze): Complete every level in Bonus mode.
    Coop Trophy (Bronze): Complete every level in Coop mode.
    Levitater Trophy (Bronze): Splatted an enemy using Coconut's Gravity Power.
    Drown Trophy (Bronze): Drown 20 Enemies.
    BBQ Trophy (Bronze): Fry Up 15 Meats.
    Hoarder Trophy (Bronze): Collect 100 Crystals.
    Legend Trophy (Gold): Complete the entire game (Adventure, Bonus & Coop).
    Master Trophy (Bronze): Get 100 Gold Stars.
    Marathon Trophy (Bronze): Run a Veggie Marathon.
    Smasher Trophy (Bronze): Smash 5 Enemies in Cherry's Rage Mode.
    Destructor Trophy (Bronze): Smash Through A Kiloton Of Ground With Cherry.
    Squash Trophy (Bronze): Squash or Crush a Cheese.
    Suicide Trophy (Bronze): Take Out An Enemy With Their Own Weapon.
    Swimmer Trophy (Bronze): Swim a mile.
    VS Nut Trophy (Bronze): Win 100 Versus Games.
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