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Easy "Deja Vu" trophy

Play Endless mode on the highest difficulty. Do not take any food at the start. Allow zombies to attack you while scavenging to reduce your health. When it is low, begin travelling again until your character dies. Start a new game in Endless mode and travel until you find your tombstone to get the "Deja Vu" trophy.

Easy "Pimp Your Ride" trophy

Purchase or find five upgrades for the car and have them installed at the same time. Safe locations occasionally will have an auto shop that sells upgrades. Check all of them during your trip and save $100 to $200 to purchase the upgrades. The available upgrades are random at each shop. Parts can also be obtained random during random encounters during your journey.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    I Can't Do It (Bronze): Don't pull the trigger.
    I Know A Guy (Bronze): Make it to Safe Haven with someone named Romero in your party.
    Pimp Your Ride (Bronze): Fully upgrade your station wagon.
    Silver Bullet (Bronze): Kill 25 zombies without missing a shot.
    Don, Bill & Paul's Curse (Bronze): Someone died of dysentery.
    Fording Master (Bronze): Successfully forde a horde of zombies 3 times.
    Fat Cat (Bronze): Have $1000 on you.
    Deja Vu (Bronze): Find your own grave.
    Life On The Other Side (Bronze): Become a zombie.
    Zombicide (Silver): Kill 500 zombies.
    Make The Call (Silver): Put down an infected party member who has passed out.
    Marathon (Silver): Beat the game five times.
    True Survivor (Gold): Beat the game on hard.
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