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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Lord of Mirage (Platinum): Get All Trophies of Phantom Blade:Mirage.
    Quit Addiction (Bronze): Kill Sword Addict.
    Mask Terminator (Bronze): Kill Noble Mask.
    No Meat for You! (Bronze): Kill Butcher.
    One More Sad Story to Tell (Bronze): Kill Twin Brides.
    Pest Control (Bronze): Kill Cocoon Lord.
    Nidus Cleaner (Bronze): Kill Silkhell.
    Go Stay With Your Brother (Bronze): Kill Sword Addict II.
    Shipwreck (Bronze): Kill Silver Dragon.
    Water Pollution (Bronze): Kill Water Ghost.
    Piece of Junk (Bronze): Kill Machine "Slash".
    Extinction is Extinct (Bronze): Kill Machine "Extinction".
    Wounded Wings (Bronze): Defeat Butterfly.
    Gate of Non-Dualism (Bronze): Defeat The Blade Master.
    For the Org! (Bronze): Defeat Yinling.
    Mirage Lives (Bronze): Defeat Mirage Lord.
    Just Warming Up (Bronze): Survive Mirage In Novice Mode.
    Martial Connoisseur (Bronze): Survive Mirage In Killer Mode.
    Unstopable (Bronze): Survive Mirage In Executer Mode.
    Legendary (Silver): Survive Mirage In Night Slayer Mode.
    Minions Don't Matter (Silver): Defeat Noble Sword Without Killing Kite Archers in Night Slayer Mode.
    Sorry, On A Tight Schedule (Silver): In Night Slayer Mode, Defeat The Second Twin Bride 6 Seconds After Defeating The First One.
    In And Out (Silver): In Night Slayer mode, defeat the Cocoon Lord before his 6th return to cocoon form.
    Ping Pong On The Water (Silver): In Night Slayer mode, successfully rebound all cannon balls.
    Catch That Fish (Silver): In Night Slayer mode, defeat Water Ghost before he enters water.
    Friendly Fire (Silver): In Night Slayer mode, make Machine “Extinction” kill 20 Machine “Zhan”.
    Atheist (Silver): In Night Slayer mode, defeat the Blade Master without taking damage.
    Be Gentle On That Girl (Silver): In Night Slayer mode, defeat Yinling in 2 minutes.
    Lost Wheel Chair (Silver): In Night Slayer mode, defeat the Mirage Lord without taking damage.
    Secret But Nothing More (Bronze): Find the Secret House in 1-1.
    Secret and Maybe More (Bronze): Find the Secret Room in 1-2.
    Escaper (Bronze): Find Baifei in 2-1.
    Deeper? Oh Yes! (Bronze): Enter the Secret Tunnel in 2-5.
    Yo! Good Man! (Bronze): Save Lives in 3-1.
    There Are Someone Else (Bronze): Get the Ghost Chest in 3-3.
    Whisperer (Bronze): Encounter the Meditator in 4-2.
    Place Of Visit (Bronze): Enjoy Luo City's View in 4-3.
    Counter-Encirclement (Bronze): Escape Enemy's Trap in 5-1.
    Tragic Affair (Bronze): Find the Secrete Room in 5-1.
    Di-Methyl-Benzene (Bronze): Avoided Poison in 5-4.
    What's Done There? (Bronze): Discover the Secret Under the Wall in 6-1.
    Black Flag (Bronze): Encounter Black Guardian in 6-2.
    Double Agent (Bronze): Encounter Masked Killer in 7.
    Got Slain! (Bronze): Kill All Members of Archer Family.
    Family Matters (Bronze): Save Jade's Sister.
    Tourist Guide (Gold): Finish all hidden chapters.
    Pain Deliver (Bronze): Perform one S Combo.
    Wind Ripper (Bronze): Sustain S for 20 seconds.
    Mile Stone (Silver): Receive S in Boss Rush mode.
    Seriously? (Gold): Complete Tower Rush.
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