PlayStation VR Worlds

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Complete every PlayStation VR Worlds Trophy.
    Ace Pilot (Gold): Complete all Scavengers Odyssey Challenges.
    Danger Baller (Gold): Complete all of the Danger Ball challenges.
    King of the Road (Gold): Complete all VR Luge Challenges.
    Legend (Gold): Complete all of The London Heist challenges.
    Midas Touch (Gold): Upgrade all statues to gold.
    Born Scavenger (Silver): Complete Scavengers Odyssey Part 2.
    Bullseye (Silver): Complete all of the Danger Ball Score Attack challenges.
    Galactic Explorer (Silver): Complete half of the Scavengers Odyssey Challenges.
    Hemispherical (Silver): Complete half of the Danger Ball challenges.
    Members Only (Silver): Complete all of the Shooting Gallery challenges.
    No Contest (Silver): Complete all of the Danger Ball Tournament challenges.
    On The Up (Silver): Complete half of the London Heist challenges.
    Once Upon A Time In London (Silver): Complete the story of The London Heist.
    Quit Shoving (Silver): Push the guide in the Hub.
    Time Traveler (Silver): Complete all Time Trial mode challenges.
    Tour of Duty (Silver): Complete all VR Luge Tour challenges.
    Training Wheels (Silver): Complete half of the VR Luge challenges.
    Will No One Face Me? (Silver): Complete all of the Danger Ball Quickplay challenges.
    Battle-Hardened (Bronze): Complete Scavengers Odyssey Part 1.
    Get Your Feet Wet (Bronze): Complete any dive.
    No Claims Bonus (Bronze): Complete all no collision challenges.
    Statuesque (Bronze): Obtain your first statue upgrade.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Cone Free Zone (Silver): Hit a total of 100 cones.
    Death from Above (Silver): Kill 15 enemies with a single explosive tank while jumping.
    Refined Taste (Silver): Find classical music on Mickie’s radio.
    You're No Angel (Silver): Startle the angelfish.
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