Primal Carnage: Extinction

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Collect every trophy.
    Gourmet (Bronze): As any of the Tyrants, devour each one of the human classes.
    Rex Rampage (Bronze): As the Tyrannosaurus, kill 5 humans without dying.
    Barbeque (Bronze): As the Pyro, kill 15 dinosaurs with the flamethrower without dying.
    Primal Cornage (Silver): Find all of the Primal Cornage cereal boxes.
    Nice Catch (Gold): As the Pteranodon, catch a human dropped by another Pteranodon.
    Extinction Event (Gold): Kill 1000 dinosaurs.
    Come Fly With Me (Bronze): As a human, successfully escape in a 'Get to the Chopper' match.
    Life Finds a Way (Bronze): Fully heal from a near-death encounter.
    Clever Girl (Bronze): As the Scientist, kill a dinosaur from behind.
    Carnage Begins (Bronze): Play Primal Carnage.
    Blind Justice (Bronze): Kill a Dilophosaurus while blinded.
    For Science! (Bronze): As the Scientist, use both your primary and secondary weapons to kill a dinosaur.
    Small Arms (Bronze): As the Commando, kill a Tyrannosaurus with the Desert Eagle.
    Members Only (Bronze): As the Dilophosaurus, enter the 'Dilo Clubhouse'.
    Dinomite (Gold): As a Pteranodon, kill 15 humans with dropped Pyros.
    Pain Train (Silver): As a Carnotaurus, hit 5 people in a single charge.
    Silent P (Silver): As a Pteranodon, kill 5 humans without taking damage.
    Timber (Silver): As the Pyro, kill a Tyrant with the chainsaw.
    Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus (Gold): Slay 100 Tyrants.
    Leap of Faith (Bronze): As a Predator, pounce a human from a great distance.
    Acro Hunter (Bronze): Kill 3 Acrocanthosaurus.
    Hatchet Job (Silver): As the Pathfinder, make a killing blow with the hatchet.
    Common Sense (Silver): As the Scientist, reveal 25 dinosaurs with sensor mines.
    Feet of Fury (Gold): As the Acrocanthosaurus, launch 5 humans with a single stomp.
    Overdose (Silver): As the Scientist, bring down a Tyrant with tranquilizers.
    Survival Novice (Silver): Complete Wave 5 in a survival match.
    Survival Adept (Gold): Complete Wave 10 in a survival match.
    Survival Expert (Bronze): Complete Wave 20 in a survival match.
    Inve$tor (Bronze): Unlock a gate in a survival match.
    Smart Shopper (Bronze): Purchase a throwable item in a survival match.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Secret trophy (Silver): Unknown.
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