Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    A Rock of Many Talents (Bronze): Possess a statue with Scree.
    Energy Boost (Bronze): Use an energy gem to replenish Jen's demon energy.
    Clinical Finisher (Bronze): Kill 50 enemies with a finishing move.
    Fierce and Fair (Bronze): Receive the Ferai aspect in the Solum realm.
    Aquatically Adept (Bronze): Receive the Undine aspect in the Aquis realm.
    Time Shifter (Bronze): Receive the Wraith aspect in the Aetha realm.
    Volcanic Strength (Bronze): Receive the Djinn aspect in the Volca realm.
    Night Light (Bronze): Light the urn in the Malkai cave.
    Tarot Card Completionist (Silver): Complete the Tarot Gallery.

Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

    Coliseum Showdown (Bronze): Defeat Belahzur in The Coliseum.
    Realm of the Ferai (Silver): Escape Devena's Tomb.
    Realm of the Undine (Silver): Defeat Adaro in the Purification Tower.
    Realm of the Wraith (Silver): Defeat Raum and Empusa in the Ballroom.
    Realm of Djinn (Silver): Defeat Goliath in the Goliath Sanctum.
    Banishing the Demons (Silver): Defeat Lewis in the final battle.
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